Why You Should Look Into Storm Damage Restoration Services

Storms and natural disasters cost billions of dollars annually in addition to causing excessive stress to those impacted and personally affected. When your home or place of business has experienced storm damage, knowing who to call and who you can rely on is essential to overcoming potentially costly and dangerous long-term effects.

Thorough Damage Assessments

Professionals who specialize in storm damage services are familiar with conducting thorough inspections and assessments of properties before moving forward with a plan of action.

Expedite Cleanup Time

After a storm has passed, cleaning up as quickly as possible is imperative to prevent further damage and potentially risk or life-threatening situations. A professional storm damage team is well-equipped with the right tools and material to expedite the cleanup time necessary, regardless of the amount of water that surrounds your home or property. Removing fire hazards such as fallen branches, tree stumps, and electrical wires are necessary and often vital to reduce future threats.

Electrical Risks

Storms have a tendency to cause issues with power and electrical grids, oftentimes resulting in fallen wires or electrical damage inside of a home or property. Storm damage professionals are trained and well-versed in handling electrical problems during cleanups to help reduce the risk of electric shock or fatalities.

Prevent Mold Growth

Whenever there is a major storm it is likely to discover massive water buildup or flooding found in affected areas. Storm damage experts work to determine the source of water buildup and flooding to clean and eliminate mold growth. By targeting the source of mold growth, storm damage professionals remove the risk of mold spreading or causing illness to those around it. Leaving sitting water and allowing mold to grow can quickly lead to respiratory infections and other mold-related health issues that are life-threatening to you and your household.

Working together with professionals who understand storm damage provides peace of mind while cleaning up water damage, electrical disruptions, and even fallen tree branches surrounding your property. Choosing to work with professional storm damage experts is a way to move forward with your life while resuming a sense of normalcy after a storm has passed.

The various types of housing to watch out for

In existence, are various type of accommodation that can fully satisfy your housing needs. Pursuing this further, real estate agencies and their agents are constantly on the lookout to help you crack any shelter-related issues. Are you planning on buying a home or perhaps rent an apartment? The purpose of this article is to provide you with the basic as well as an expert’s point of view with respect to the type of housing facilities that are in existence. In addition, it’s educative at the same time an informative piece of writing that will come in handy in the long run.


This type of quarter is a privately owned housing unit characterized by jointly owned or co-owned areas such as a hallway, laundry rooms, elevators and others. Furthermore, condos are different from apartments in the sense that they are solely an asset belonging to an individual or family who is, entitled to full ownership. Basically, there are two types of condos; residential condos in an apartment building and detached condos existing as a single unit. In the same line of thought, condos exhibit peculiar attributes in that, homeowner associations and community associations are solely responsible for maintenance practices at a fee. Lastly, there are cleaning companies that does condo cleaning that will leave your residence sparkling clean with everything in place.


It is in itself a unit containing other units arranged in a row and are interconnected such that you share a wall on either side of the apartment. Additionally, a townhouse is also known as a row house and its somewhere in between a condo and a single-family home in terms of vivid description. This type of dwelling can be engineered to contain multiple floors as depicted in cities in addition to, a backyard and a rooftop. Furthermore, residents in these kinds of houses have access to elevators and a basement that’s spacious in cooperated with decent lighting conditions as well as clean air.


In simple terms or in a layman’s language, a duplex is a house divided into different multiple units. Additionally, each unit is an entity of its own fortified with separate private entry points. Generally, a duplex contains two units separated by a wall in between them. The units are self-contained in such a way that they don’t depend upon each other with regard to some components in the building. Positioned in the outside is a garage or parking lot for an automobile, a garden and perhaps a playground. Apart from a duplex, there exists a triplex endowed with the same characteristics as the latter.



Remember, there are various factors to consider when choosing or planning to buy a home or rent an apartment. Some of the factors include financial muscle, location, and type of house. Various type of houses fetches different prices depending on where they are located. Other types of houses are a cabin, cottage, and rambler among others.

Pros of owning a condo

Condos have recently been a Holy Grail sourcing interest among the populations from both millennial and baby boomers. Wondering what a condo is? In simple terms, it’s a magnificent place of residence in cooperated with individual multiple units. In the same line of thought, this type of real estate provides an individual or family with a sense of full ownership making it a hotbed worth your dime. Condominiums come with different specs in the sense that it could be a residential apartment building or a separate detached single home. In both cases, there are common areas of property the likes of laundry rooms, hallway, street and many others that are co-owned or shared. Here are some of the lucrative advantages that condo owners are entitled to.

Decent Price

Other factors kept constant, one of the most challenging aspects in choosing your preferred dwelling or home is, cost. Additionally, rented apartments/homes require you as a tenant to remit monthly payments as fee that cater for your stay in a particular building. On the other hand, monthly mortgage for a condo guarantees security for cash paid unlike monthly rental payments. Condominiums are a decent investment in that, after purchasing you can rent it out to generate income. Lastly, in some cases, monthly condo mortgage plus maintenance fee for home associations is less compared to monthly rent for an apartment or home.

Exemption from outdoor repairs

Unlike residential homes in which the tenants are solely responsible for making adjustments or repairs, condo owners do not have to deal with such activities. Instead, they are entitled to condo cleaning services that are provided by a management body at a handsome fee. As a result, this sort of luxurious treatment leaves condo owners to engage in other activities in their sphere of influence. It also averts possible conflict with other condo owners in terms of taking responsibilities. The management in charge takes full control of activities such as repairs of roofs, doors, pool cleaning and other external assignments.

Renovation freedom

Your space, your design, your choice! Condo owners enjoy unbelievable freedom that enables them to customize a space to fit their desired specifications and expectations. For instance families with limited amount of room can engineer ways that will enable them fulfill space expectations. However, rented apartments are strictly not allowed to make such improvements and failure to comply may lead to dire consequences such as absolute cancellation of security deposits. There are set regulations that oversee construction of condos and they vary from place to place depending on which part of the world you hail from.

Provision of amenities

Comfort and convenience are an expensive affair, but with condos, the qualities mentioned are readily provided. Apart from housing or shelter, condominiums offer various state of the art facilities that you would marvel to use to your benefit. They include gym, tennis courts, swimming pool, etc.

Condominiums are a growing trend characterized by the above well explained advantages. Before making a decision to purchase a condo, seek relevant advice from certified real estate agencies.

What are the richest wine estates in Italy?

Many international companies took a huge hit during the economic crisis. Some of them have gone bankrupt, others had to lay off many people because of globalisation. The same scenario arose in Italy where many entrepreneurs were getting killed on the high taxes without receiving State benefits. Unfortunately most of politicians tend to look out for themselves here and so they do not carry out those reforms which are truly necessary and with which we are all familiar.

However there are certain businesses of italian economy have not been affected by this general industrial and social decline. For example the fashion industry has a great turnover because it exports its amazing product around the world. We know that many international singers, actors and businessmen buy clothes, jewels, shoes produced by famous italian brands. Then to produce a wine of high quality in Italy is a solid deal. Many foreign investors bought important wine estates in the last 5 years especially in nothern and central Italy. But also italian companies spent a lot of money by creating big cellars to produce a very good wine and their choice led them to success.

Who ears more in this sector in Italy? Incisa della Rocchetta, Frescobaldi and Antinori, three noble tuscan houses produce Sassicaia, Masseto and Tignanello wines exported around the world. To expand their business they bought vineyards for sale in Italy and also in other parts of world. Their turnover is great and there is an amazing increase every year. Sassicaia cellar turns an incredible profit. Infact Marquis Incisa della Rocchetta’s yearly profit is at least € 15.000.000.

Piero Antinori’s profit is € 81.000.000 and Frescobaldi’s annual profit is close to € 30 million euros. Real estate agencies are so happy about this situation because they can sell wine estates not only to foreign people but also to italian companies.

The economic crisis has affected especially the real estate market but the agencies could survive thanks to this interest in buying vineyards and in general luxury properties. Who works with rich people had not problems to do business. Luxury apartments and villas, hotels, castles, villages and vineyards are ” caught ” between their desires and ambitions. They like Italy too much and it’s a pleasure for them to make deals or buy a property here. Italy is a dream to them. Americans, Russian and Chinese people constantly are looking for making investments in this beautiful country.

5 Good Reasons To Hire A Landscaper

Every homeowner likes to ensure that their home is well-designed and well-maintained. The outdoor spaces of your home are as important as the indoors, and this means you need to take an equal amount of care while designing and installing them.

While some homeowners do feel that they would be able to handle their landscape design and planning themselves, the fact is that this job requires special skills and knowledge. There are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to hire a landscaper for all your landscaping needs:

  1. Design Expertise

Landscapers are qualified and experienced professionals that have handled hundreds of projects. They are aware of all the design aspects, have deep knowledge about the different types of materials on the market, and can provide you with information about various plantings, trees, grasses etc.

They will also help you with detailed information about the different types of outdoor elements and features that you can use. This gives you a good idea of what is involved in the project and what would be required. In many ways, this expertise helps transform your ideas and vision into reality.

A well-planned and well-designed landscape allows you to use the available space more optimally and improves the appearance and value of your home. When all the areas have been demarcated well and have the right types of features, you are more encouraged to use your outdoor spaces. Not only will the landscaper help you with all the design and planning aspects of the project but can also help with budgeting for the project.

  1. Saves you time

Most people lead very busy lives today and do not have the time to dedicate to a full-scale landscaping project. When they handle the landscaping themselves, they end up doing it in phases. However, this can impact the overall design flow of the landscape and some of the features may seem out of sync.

Material costs are always on the rise, and when you install in your landscape in multiples phases that can increase the overall cost of the project for you. The one way to avoid all these problems is to hire a skilled and experienced landscaper for the job. They will have detailed discussions with you at the outset to understand what your requirements and budget , provide suitable solutions and handle the job from start to finish.

  1. Water-efficient, energy-efficient solutions

Every landscape will have irrigation installations as well as outdoor lighting features. Installing poorly designed systems will not only affect the effectiveness but will also result in higher water and energy bills. Professional landscapers are very knowledgeable about all the new products on the market. They will provide information about water-efficient automated irrigation systems with sensors and energy-efficient landscape lighting solutions. Installing these can save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

  1. Low Maintenance Costs

Just like any other areas of your home, your landscaping too requires regular attention and maintenance, which can be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, well-planned landscapes installed using weather-resistant materials like pavers and concrete, require less maintenance. This reduces the amount of time and effort you spend in caring for your landscape and reduces ongoing maintenance costs for you.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits to working with all professional for your residential landscaping project. For excellent landscaping services in the West Island, contact Les Entreprises Lavoie Leblanc. The number to call is (514) 696-8822. You can also send us your project details via this Online Form.

Which Tiles Should You Use For Your Terrace?

With this hot summer you can consider yourself lucky if you have a terrace! The warm temperatures will make you want to make the most of your patio and this is much easier if it is correctly furnished. And this starts by the tiles!  Outdoor tiles can help you to create an amazing terrace, and will also help your garden to look more sophisticated and visually appealing. Tiling your terrace can also help you if at some point you decide to sell your property since this can add value to your place.  Not just any tile is suitable though, you need a material that resists the outdoors. Here are some of the tiles that work best for a terrace.

Slate Tiles

Slate is a natural material which comes in many variations, including colour and texture. The variations on this rock will depend on its natural formation. Because of this, each slate tile is unique but can be matched with everything because of its neutral shade. Slate offers an amazing aged look thanks to its natural origin, which will give your terrace a unique and elegant look. Slate floor tiles are especially suitable for a backyard because they are strong and durable, thus highly unlikely to break or need replacement – basically, you are investing in a long lasting material.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is another great option for the outdoors. Porcelain is quite similar to ceramic, except it has a much lower absorption rate. Porcelain is very durable, it is resistant to stains and can withstand extreme temperatures since it is fired at high temperature for its formation. One of the main reasons for porcelain’s popularity is its wide range of colours, styles and finishes, which allows you plenty of freedom when creating your desired look. We see them as a very good option for the outdoors because they are water resistant and extremely durable, as well as being very easy to maintain since you only need a damp mop to keep them clean.

Stone Tiles

This is another natural material, meaning stone tiles are perfect for the terrace. Its natural origin perfectly matches the outdoors and looks like a part of the scenery. You usually find them in black and grey colours, so it is pretty easy to match them while creating a modern touch to the patio.  Stone tiles are a bit more expensive which means that your garden receives a luxurious touch. Like in the case of slate tiles, stone is a very durable material, so it is great for the outside where there are harder conditions.

So there you have it three tiles you could use in your garden. Of course the choice depends on your personal taste and you favourite look!

Five Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your Catering Fridges

Catering fridges can be expensive machines to run, but make sure that they are used properly and well maintained and you’ll find that they become much more efficient. This will save money on your energy bills and reduce food wastage.

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We’ll take a look at a number of ways that your catering fridge can be used for optimum performance.
Location of Fridge

It’s essential that your catering fridge is positioned in such a way that it works perfectly. If it is located near to heat sources such as cookers, grills and stoves, it will react to the heat and have to work extra hard to maintain low temperatures. That means using more energy and increasing your costs, and according to https://www.energy.gov/eere/articles/6-energy-saving-tips-commercial-refrigerators-and-freezers, these machines already use a lot of energy. Your fridge should be located away from any possible heat source within the kitchen.

Airman 1st Class Tyrell Jackson closes the door to the “Cooks Box” freezer during a Top Chef competition March 8, 2018, at Magellan Inn Dining Facility, Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. Jackson is a services apprentice and competed for the title of Top Chef of the Quarter against fellow AIr Force and U.S. Army culinary specialists. (U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Alexander W. Riedel)

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Keep the Cold Within

When your fridge is not being accessed, it is imperative that the doors are firmly closed. Make sure employees have the habit of closing the doors every time it has been used. This will ensure that the low temperature is maintained, increasing efficiency and keeping energy bills to a minimum.


Make sure that the fridge is regularly maintained. The machine should be defrosted every two months without fail. When ice builds up, the fridge will become inefficient and work harder, making those energy bills rise.

Let It Breathe

Your commercial fridge needs room to breathe, and so it should be set in a location with proper ventilation. The engine of the fridge needs to keep cool and should have enough space to let the air flow around it – this helps enormously. Again, this helps with the energy consumption of the fridge as well as making sure it has a long lifespan.

Maintain Correct Temperature

Make sure your fridge is set to the right temperature for the foodstuffs that are stored within it. Over-chilling food will spoil the product and add to your energy bills.

With so many different cold rooms on the market from https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/catering-equipment, it’s important to choose the correct size for your commercial kitchen and to learn how to use it properly.
By working through these suggestions, the energy-efficiency and lifespan of your commercial cold room or fridge will certainly be improved.

Linen doona covers

Laundering a duvet might not be vital. Many will require using the dust eliminated. The very best method to remove dirt from a hardy quilt would be to put a nylon stocking, over the nozzle of a vacuum then gently vacuum the duvet — slightly on either side. Steer clear of surface abrasion. Wherever you decide to store your quilts, it’s imperative to inspect them every two to three weeks. It’s a great idea to wash out the storage space now before placing back the railings. Don’t use pins, nails or staples to hang on a quilt. These may tear through clothes, destroy and cause discoloration and lead to distortion of thicker quilts. It’s also crucial that the duvet is clean and dust free before place it off. Stains can entice insects while dust particles create abrasion, resulting in use. Seams are often sewn with the ideal sides of the cloths facing each other. That creates the rough edges concealed.

A cupboard shelf is a far greater option. Doesn’t use open shelving because this exposes the duvet to mild and you’ll get fading along the springs? In case you have shelf space, then it’s a great idea to fold the period of the linen doona covers and roll up, to remove creases. Next time, wrap another manner before rolling. It’s necessary that a light soap used the duvet excreted nicely. Quilt stores carry products specially made for quilts. All business materials are far too harsh and will strip color from quilt fabrics. Long strips are stitched on each side to produce the border, and the quilt is trimmed, washed, and trimmed. To begin with, you want to pick your fabrics. Attempt to utilize 100% cotton or flannel cloth since this often fray (rag) longer as the washed. Not all clothes do this. That is it… that is all you will need to find sewing. Both gather moisture, resulting in stains and inviting mildew and musty smells. They’re bad options for storage. The large plastic storage containers aren’t any better since they don’t have ventilation. Both sun and artificial light can cause fading. Never exhibit a quilt in which direct sun will achieve it. In case you’ve got fluorescent light, it’s a good idea to cover the tubes using a UV shield. To determine whether the quilt is going to be applied as a regular quilt on a bed or is it supposed to become an heirloom and consequently exhibited but not utilized.

Remember that a quilt to get space, kid or lap quilt certainly wants to be of a material that’s durable and washable, since it will need more regular laundering. To sew a boundary, cut two pieces of leading cloth and two bits of rear material to the magnitude of the width of this quilt. Additionally, cut a bit of fitting flannel precisely the same dimensions and it’ll utilize as the coating in between (I don’t advise using batting at the edge ). Twist your clothes together with the best fabric right side up, the rear fabric right side down and set the additional flannel between. After one side completed, do the same thing to the other side of the quilt. Reduce the edges, so the conclusion of the boundaries lines up with the border of non-bordered quilt facet. Next, cut two border fabrics (all 3 bits) and sew them into the previous two sides of this quilt. Reduce the edges evenly so that they are square. Carefully cut all of the rough edges beyond the seam that you have only sewn, ensuring that you don’t bite on the seams. Double check to be sure all seams trimmed so that they will all rag. Wash the duvet in cold water with no bleach or detergent then dry low heat. Rewash the quilt with detergent or softener should you select. Along with your quilt is about to use. It is that easy!

Whether made for daily use or as heirlooms, proper care will make sure that they continue to bring the joy meant. Humidity and light are a few quilts worst enemies. Direct sunlight won’t merely fade the most recent and highest quality material in any time in any way, but also, it can cause the fibers to weaken. Moisture may lead to mold to form, which is not only hard to eliminate but hopeless. There’s not any requirement to beat the quilt and also remember that sun is bad for the own quilt. Avoid keeping near an exterior wall in which condensation will occur primarily in winter months. Be mindful that smoke for smokes and fireplaces can find saved textiles leaving an unpleasant surprise. Among the most excellent places to keep a quilt is to a mattress. Have you got a guest room? For somebody who has never seen before, the only idea of earning a quilt of any type is intimidating. It is not that creating a rag quilt is too hard; it is that it requires some time and that’s a luxury which most individuals do not have. That is when a store likes mine, or some other, is suitable. But here is the way to do it yourself and create your own… if you’ve got enough time.

It’s not essential to sewing the in those squares because all bits will probably hold in place from the side seams, but this adds a more quilted appearance to the squares. The option is yours. Dry cleaning a duvet isn’t advised. It’s not a gentle way because big fall machines are utilized, and unpleasant chemicals implemented, which can be very damaging. After all of the squares are constructed, lay them out from the design you selected. This seam allowance will be trimmed afterward for ragging. Continue sewing the squares together so ensuring you set the back faces of the quilt together every moment. When the first row completed, I usually cut all those pits at this moment. After all of the cuts are created, continue to sew and then cut the rest of the rows. After all of the rows are completed, again put out the quilt in the layout you selected. Then sew the first row into the next row, then carefully cutting the raw edge whenever you’re finished. When all rows stitched, you ought to have a massive quilt of squares that stitched. There are two choices at this time. Many men and women tend to sew a seam around the whole perimeter of the quilt, so cut the tough border, and do it.

Where and How Can You Get R22 Substitutes?

In the next couple of years, you might be forced to revisit the kind of air conditioner system you are using. Most of the current systems that were bought some seven or more years ago are based on a refrigerant called r22. You might not be aware of this, but your cooling system relies on the coolant which is a fluid that moves through the system to absorb the heat in your room and makes the air cool. Without this fluid, your air conditioner is useless and that underlines how important it is.

Nowadays, you can get several types of refrigerants and most of the systems you buy today will specify the kind that they are based on. Over the years, r22 has been prevalent, but some valid concerns were raised on how these systems affected the environment. The refrigerant is not only utilized in ac systems but also in other devices that cool things such as refrigerators and deep chests. The popular r22 freon was launched as the best option for these cooling devices, but it was later discovered that it has a considerable impact on the environment. We are protected from the harmful UV rays by the ozone layer which is a transparent membrane that filters out specific rays that are harmful. Being exposed to the direct sun rays is dangerous, and it can lead to eye problems while exposing people to the risk of skin cancer.

The EPA and other notable parties agreed to phase out the use of this refrigerant which was being used widely, and as of 2020, no one will be allowed to import and sell it. This has dramatically affected homeowners as they are supposed to go and get systems that are based on other types of coolants, something that might give some people an issue to worry An excellent. Most people are worried about where they will get these r22 replacement options since they might have never even heard of them before. Well, these replacements are available, and all you need to know is where to go for it so that you do not start struggling once the time for a recharge comes and you are stuck on where to get your tank of r421a.

Local Dealer

You might worry over where you will get your replacements but remember that the ban has also affected your local air conditioning expert. These people need to stay in business, and they cannot continue stocking up with the r22 refrigerant, which is also diminishing in supply as time moves on. Your expert understands that most of the systems in the next decade will be based on the r22 alternatives and need to get their stocks up as people will now be looking for these replacements and not r22. The price of r22 has become high over the years, and it has become hard to come across it, as most dealers have opted to start preparing for life after the phase-out.

Getting the r22 replacements from your local expert is very easy, and all you have to do is to contact them and ask if they have the one you are using in stock. If they are the ones who installed your system, they would ideally go ahead and look for the coolant and come to do the recharge for you. If you are a DIY enthusiast and prefer to conduct such repairs on your own, you will be required to go over to their store and get the coolant by yourself.


In this age, most purchases are being made online, and you can get your r22 replacement on the web. The advantage of doing it this way is that you get several options and analyze them before settling on the best choice for you.

One possible way of going about it is clicking on the website of your regular online retailer who deals with a wide variety of commodities and checking if they have it in stock. Some of the major retailers understand that people need these coolants and will probably have them in stock. If they do not have it, you could take the other way and opt to find a specialized online dealer who sells refrigerants exclusively. Such dealers are the best option since they might have all the possible r22 replacements in stock and you can hardly miss out your coolant of choice here. If they are located far away, you might be forced to pay extra and have the coolant shipped to your place. The web has several such dealers, and it is prudent to do some digging and find out more information about a dealer in question before committing to buy the coolant from them. The web is not made of up of a perfect and genuine group of users, and it is common to come across people who might want to con you.

A good way of ascertaining that you are dealing with a genuine dealer is by checking out if there have been people who have bought this refrigerant from them before. If you come across such people, try and see what they have to say in the form of reviews which will give you an accurate picture of the dealer in question. Keep in mind that some retailers might come up with fake reviews, and you should trust the ones that have been posted on independent review site.

Getting a particular r22 replacement on the web is very simple if you have ever bought anything online. All you have to do is to click on it, put it on the shopping cart and then check out. A good online retail site will specify the terms and condition and then include the shipment fee so that you know what you are paying for.

Finding a replacement for r22 such as bluon new tdx 20 is not hard and you should not be afraid to switch from an old system to a new one based on other refrigerants. However, it is prudent that you do enough research as some coolants are expensive and buying a system that uses it might not be the best thing to do.

10 Ways to Maintain Your House and Prolong Its Life Span

Old houses have a certain charm to them. They’ve stood for quite some time and have seen many generations of people live within their walls. The downside to these homes is the fact that they need to be cared for properly. The experts at Accutech Restoration & Remodeling Inc.

have ten suggestions for maintaining your home. If you really want yours to last, then you need to consider using from the methods suggested here.

1) Conduct routine maintenance

The best thing that you can do involves following a routine maintenance schedule. You’ll have to do basic things like replace the furnace filters and have the air conditioning (and furnace) checked by an expert, as well as clean and paint your house.

2) Keep as many original details as possible

You might be tempted to destroy some of the original details, like molding, in order to keep up with home décor trends. Don’t do this. Instead, embrace those cool, old parts of your home.

3) Limit the amount of repairs that you make

Of course you should do any pertinent repairs in order to keep your house in great condition. However, you shouldn’t go overboard and repair things that don’t quite need to be fixed.


Historic windows are typically made of wavy glass. These are built to last for many years. They might be a bit drafty in comparison to newer windows, but their character makes them worth having.

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5) Repair the masonry using original methods

The masonry on the exterior of your home should be maintained using original building methods. This will make it look like it fits the home. Upgrading and modernizing masonry isn’t necessary.

6) Make sure that any additions or upgrades fit the house’s original design

If you want to add on any rooms or additional wings to your home, make sure that they fit the original design of the house. Otherwise, they’ll look odd and out of place.

7) Keep all of the quirky details

If you have a home with a crooked window or some other “unsightly” quirk, don’t demolish it. Instead, keep that detail and embrace it. Your home is fine the way it is, it doesn’t need to be perfect.

8) Don’t demolish those plaster walls

Plaster walls are only found in old houses. Many of the newer ones use drywall, which is much less sturdy. Keep this in mind when you’re considering replacing those original plaster walls.

9) Maintain your original wood floors

Wood floors can literally last for hundreds of years, as long as they’re care for properly. All of those chips and scuffs add character to your home – they don’t detract from it.

10) Consult with experts

If you have any questions about your old home, don’t be afraid to ask an expert for help. There are plenty of historians and old building experts in many metropolitan areas of the United States who would be glad to share their expertise.