Month: May 2017

Decorating your new house

In life, you will move into a number of houses. Some new, some old. Some big, and some small. However, no matter what house you move into you, you always face the same questions, “How do I decorate the space I have?”. When decorating your new house, it’s easy to follow a similar pattern throughout [Continue]

How to get creative with laminate flooring

If you like lamination, you will be interested to know that it can be used in so many creative applications. Here are some super ideas on how to apply it in some unconventional ways. Image Credit Combine colours By laying the planks parallel and perpendicular to the wall, you can get a completely different look [Continue]

Picking the Best Garage Door

If you are looking to increase the worth of your home, you may wish to ascertain the merit in investing in garage doors as a simple and reasonable solution to expand your home’s value. A decent looking garage door will differentiate it from others within the area. If you choose something a little more unique [Continue]

6 Home Improvements to Put on Your To-Do List

The subject of home improvement is certainly a vast one. A house is a complex machine, with all kinds of individual systems, parts, and functions. And when it comes to doing it yourself, the question of where to start can sometimes be daunting. Often, people just use a site like TrustATrader to find tradespeople to [Continue]

Common Signs That Your Roof Is Leaking

Signs of a roof leak indicate a major problem that will only get worse. The longer you wait, the more expensive it will be to repair. Water has a way of getting through the smallest hole, crack, or crevice it can find. Common signs are often more evident after it rains. Here are some of [Continue]