Month: February 2018

Why Sewer Leak Detection is so Important

  Many homeowners never really think about their sewer systems very often unless there is a very obvious problem. Therefore, you might not have thought about looking into professional sewer leak detection for your sewer system. If you have not had your sewer system checked out in a while, however, now is the time to consider working [Continue]

Signs Your Timber Building Needs Refurbishment

Probably all of us have a timber shed in our garden which was once functional and classic but now the wood structure is rotting and all we can think about is demolishing the building. We could have prevented this from happening if we knew the initial signs of rot. But most people do not have [Continue]

Gutters Things To Consider

It’s probably one of the last things you’d ever thought you’d have an internal debate over – which rain gutters should I choose? Luckily for you, we’ve prepared an easy reference guide to the various types of rain gutters plus their strengths and weaknesses. And, don’t worry, it’s okay to not have known that there [Continue]