In Which Direction Should Your Floorboards Be Laid?

There are a number of ways in which you can lay floorboards in a room. Generally speaking, laying the boards in the same direction as the main light source – be that from a lamp, window or glass door – will have a positive impact on both the room’s appearance and feel. Read the following top tips to ensure you get it right.

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A Short Room

To encourage a feeling and an appearance of depth in a short room, think about installing the boards vertically. And to increase the impact of long wide plank flooring, consider using a light floor colour and combining this with darker walls.

A Narrow Room

A good tip when laying floorboards in a narrow room is to lay them horizontally. This makes the surface area look wider. It’s also advisable to choose lighter-coloured boards – and the same goes for the walls – to open up the space. Indeed, according to Quick Step Floor Designs, choosing the right floor colouring is essential when designing a room.

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A Small Room

To create that wow factor in a small room, think about installing diagonal flooring as part of your interior design using natural wood – take a look at for some inspiration. Installed at a 45-degree angle, it looks nothing short of fantastic.

And remember that light flooring gives the illusion of space and darker flooring a dramatic ambience. There are lots of options when it comes to floorboards.

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