How to create a beautiful ornamental garden

The ornamental garden, that is usually on the outside, needs some care and specific plantations depending on each season. On this occasion we will see how to make the set-up of the garden in spring. With the arrival of spring, we have to take into account the different factors for the correct maintenance of the garden. In this time we are going to plant different vegetables, but before planting, we have to prepare the land. Landscapers Falmouth could be a good inspiration.

The first thing to do is to incorporate a bit of mulch to the ground. Mulch is an amendment of organic matter that helps better the structure of the soil of the garden. Thanks to it, the earth will be spongier and the roots of the vegetables will grow better. Then you have to make a correct subscriber. If we want to enjoy natural products, we will need to use a natural fertilizer, perfect for organic farming. The next step will be to use the mechanical mule or rotavator. In this way we will release the land and be ready for the plantations.

In what are going to be the paths of the garden, you can make a mulch with straw (dry grass), as this way we avoid the growth of weeds or non-suitable herbs.

When it comes to planting, the most recommended is to make different lines (crop lines and corridor lines) to be able to transit without any problem. In addition we have to take into account the location of the garden, and place the different vegetables so that they do not interfere with each other. In the area located further north, we will place the largest crop so that it does not give shade to the rest, such as green beans that can reach up to two meters.

On this occasion the most recommended vegetables to plant, and in order of higher to lower height will be: green beans, tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, cucumbers or pumpkins, and finally, in the southernmost area , lettuce and chives. To the green beans, you will have to put some bamboo canes to grow and guided by them.

At the time of planting the tomatoes, we will have to take into account that the tomato should have a central stem from which the different leaves will come out. If between the main stem and the leaf, a stem comes out, it will be necessary to prune that tomato so that it can grow better. In this way, we will carry out the pruning of the tomato plant: we will eliminate all the lateral stems. We will also put bamboo canes to guide the tomato plants. As for the peppers, as at the beginning they will need more heat, you can make a mini-greenhouse with several bottles or plastic containers. We put them on top of them and create a greenhouse. With some care and a basic maintenance of the garden, we will achieve a large garden throughout the spring and summer.


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