Five Ways to Increase the Efficiency of Your Catering Fridges

Catering fridges can be expensive machines to run, but make sure that they are used properly and well maintained and you’ll find that they become much more efficient. This will save money on your energy bills and reduce food wastage.

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We’ll take a look at a number of ways that your catering fridge can be used for optimum performance.
Location of Fridge

It’s essential that your catering fridge is positioned in such a way that it works perfectly. If it is located near to heat sources such as cookers, grills and stoves, it will react to the heat and have to work extra hard to maintain low temperatures. That means using more energy and increasing your costs, and according to, these machines already use a lot of energy. Your fridge should be located away from any possible heat source within the kitchen.

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Keep the Cold Within

When your fridge is not being accessed, it is imperative that the doors are firmly closed. Make sure employees have the habit of closing the doors every time it has been used. This will ensure that the low temperature is maintained, increasing efficiency and keeping energy bills to a minimum.


Make sure that the fridge is regularly maintained. The machine should be defrosted every two months without fail. When ice builds up, the fridge will become inefficient and work harder, making those energy bills rise.

Let It Breathe

Your commercial fridge needs room to breathe, and so it should be set in a location with proper ventilation. The engine of the fridge needs to keep cool and should have enough space to let the air flow around it – this helps enormously. Again, this helps with the energy consumption of the fridge as well as making sure it has a long lifespan.

Maintain Correct Temperature

Make sure your fridge is set to the right temperature for the foodstuffs that are stored within it. Over-chilling food will spoil the product and add to your energy bills.

With so many different cold rooms on the market from, it’s important to choose the correct size for your commercial kitchen and to learn how to use it properly.
By working through these suggestions, the energy-efficiency and lifespan of your commercial cold room or fridge will certainly be improved.

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