The various types of housing to watch out for

In existence, are various type of accommodation that can fully satisfy your housing needs. Pursuing this further, real estate agencies and their agents are constantly on the lookout to help you crack any shelter-related issues. Are you planning on buying a home or perhaps rent an apartment? The purpose of this article is to provide you with the basic as well as an expert’s point of view with respect to the type of housing facilities that are in existence. In addition, it’s educative at the same time an informative piece of writing that will come in handy in the long run.


This type of quarter is a privately owned housing unit characterized by jointly owned or co-owned areas such as a hallway, laundry rooms, elevators and others. Furthermore, condos are different from apartments in the sense that they are solely an asset belonging to an individual or family who is, entitled to full ownership. Basically, there are two types of condos; residential condos in an apartment building and detached condos existing as a single unit. In the same line of thought, condos exhibit peculiar attributes in that, homeowner associations and community associations are solely responsible for maintenance practices at a fee. Lastly, there are cleaning companies that does condo cleaning that will leave your residence sparkling clean with everything in place.


It is in itself a unit containing other units arranged in a row and are interconnected such that you share a wall on either side of the apartment. Additionally, a townhouse is also known as a row house and its somewhere in between a condo and a single-family home in terms of vivid description. This type of dwelling can be engineered to contain multiple floors as depicted in cities in addition to, a backyard and a rooftop. Furthermore, residents in these kinds of houses have access to elevators and a basement that’s spacious in cooperated with decent lighting conditions as well as clean air.


In simple terms or in a layman’s language, a duplex is a house divided into different multiple units. Additionally, each unit is an entity of its own fortified with separate private entry points. Generally, a duplex contains two units separated by a wall in between them. The units are self-contained in such a way that they don’t depend upon each other with regard to some components in the building. Positioned in the outside is a garage or parking lot for an automobile, a garden and perhaps a playground. Apart from a duplex, there exists a triplex endowed with the same characteristics as the latter.



Remember, there are various factors to consider when choosing or planning to buy a home or rent an apartment. Some of the factors include financial muscle, location, and type of house. Various type of houses fetches different prices depending on where they are located. Other types of houses are a cabin, cottage, and rambler among others.

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