Determining the Effectiveness of Industrial Evaporative Air Coolers

Judging from the name, Evaporative air cooler promotes cooling by the use of water. Its unique cooling is described as the cooling breeze we typically feel the moment we step out of the swimming pool. That is essentially what natural evaporative cooling process at work. This evaporating water indicates the reducing temperature of air particles right when it comes in contact with liquid water.

Referred to as endothermic reaction, the water that it comes contact with simultaneously turn into gas. It then automatically lowers the adjacent air molecules’ temperature. This particular principle used by evaporative air cooling system shows that it operates by utilizing the following key ingredients:

  • Water
  • Wetted surface
  • Pump


The pump itself sucks in air particles found across the water before lowering it temperature. It’s simply operated by an intricate mechanical control system that is located within the system’s cooler machine. As result, the rotating fan will then distribute the cooled air to the space it’s intended. Knowing how evaporative air cooling system works undoubtedly helps our understanding on the subject. However, when it comes to choosing the an industrial evaporative air coolers, its effectiveness is often questioned.

How effective is evaporative air cooling system?

Evaporative air cooling systems are available to use in any setting – whether it be residential setting, or industrial setting. Also known as swamp cooler, this cooling system uses heat generated from outdoor air in order to trigger the evaporative process. This is the primary reason evaporative air cooling system is an ideal choice for those living in dry climates. Simply because areas with such temperature offers plenty dry air to convert into cooled, fresh air.

Dry climate is not the only factor to consider, however. Customers must also pay attention to its overall temperature levels and humidity levels before making a final decision. Another factor that contributes to its effectiveness is, without a doubt, the size of it. Evaporative air cooling systems to use in a residential building are obviously not the same with the one intended for industrial setting. The effectiveness of this type of cooler undoubtedly also lies in its size.

How to properly calculate the size of coolers for intended space

The cooling power of an industrial air cooling system is undoubtedly based on the amount of air flow that it’s capable of generating. For exactly this reason, this particular cooling system is categorized by air flow and is rated differently. See the following section for explanation:

  • Cube meters per hour, also referred to as its abbreviated form, CMH.
  • Cubic meters per minute, also referred to as CMM.
  • As well as, cubic feet per minute, or referred to as CFM.

Such calibration indicates the total amount of air that the air cooling system is able to move or pump per unit time. The size of space that users are targeting undoubtedly determines users’ choice. However, not everyone of them is aware of how to properly calculate the size of coolers needed. As a good rule of thumb, one will require a machine calibration which size is roughly half the target space’s air flow area.

Such estimation is typically used to help users determine their choice of machine for enclosed area. However, this is not to say that it can only be used in an enclosed area. Quite the contrary, the less enclosed the area you area targeting is, the more powerful the evaporative cooler you need. To calculate the machine you need, see the following section.

If your target area has measurement of 10 x 10 x 5 which results in 500m3 total area, you may want to check the air exchange per hour. For example, if total air exchange per hour is 20 times, the total amount of air that will be replace every hour would be 10,000m3. To get this result, you must multiply the total area by the total amount of air exchange per hour. By multiplying 500m3 by 20 times, you will find the effective cooler unit for your space is one with 10,000 CMH rating.

How to properly choose the best industrial air coolers

In order to ensure the stability of performance and operation, industrial setting requires top-notch maintenance system. Your industrial evaporative air cooling system is not an exception. This important appliance requires proper maintenance to maintain its efficiency and effectiveness. This factor takes us to our next point, to choose the best industrial grade coolers, customers must be well educated on what to look for in an evaporative cooling system. See factors below to consider.

  • Budget

This is perhaps the most important factor that users focus on. Different brands undoubtedly come with largely varying rates. If there is an advice we may give you is to go for a brand that offers moderate rates but is also highly reputable. Never let cost be the reason to sacrifice quality and reputation.

  • Installation mechanism

When you purchase the coolers from reputable companies, they often offer free installation as a bonus fo their customers. Be sure to check whether they offer this perks. If they do not, you may have to allocate extra budget to contract professionals to install your Industrial evaporative air cooler.


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