Understanding Gewiss Enclosures and Important Details about Them

You may not be that familiar with Gewiss plastic enclosures. They are a useful product that has applications across various industries. It is a plastic box used for housing delicate electrical items like transformers and starters. It comes in different sizes, and there are also lots of varieties for you to choose from.

Types of enclosures

There are different plastic Gewiss enclosures available. The first one is the low lid variant which is perfect for smaller items that have to be fitted in smaller spaces. Another type is the deep lid enclosure. This is perfect if there are bigger spaces available along with larger electrical components that have to be stored.

Glanded plastic enclosures are another type. They allow cables to be inserted with ease and used without any problem. The transparent lid enclosure is the last type and it is used if you want to see the items housed inside the enclosure.

Apart from plastic, steel is also another option. This is a good material since it has the ability to resist impact. It can better protect all of the components placed inside. They are also available in bigger sizes. The only downside is the price. If you are looking to save more money, they might not fit your needs. They are also heavier and bulkier. Installation could also be a bit of a problem.

Understanding the rating

If you buy a Gewiss enclosure, you should be familiar with the ratings. An IP66 rating does not mean that it is better than an IP57 rating. The first number after the P refers to the ability of the enclosure to resist dust. No matter what dust particles try to enter the enclosure, they won’t. The second number on the rating refers to the ability to resist powerful jets of water that could be pointed at the enclosure. In short, the enclosure is dustproof and waterproof if the numbers on the IP rating are higher.

Uses of enclosures

There are different industries that make use of these enclosures. They are used in the food industry and even in chemical industries. They have to remain tough as they could be exposed to various factors that could damage them immensely. Most Gewiss enclosures have an IP56 rating. They might be lower than steel, but they can still be used outdoors.

After the enclosures have been chosen, mounting them is the next issue. You just need to find someone to help you out. It does not take a lot of time and effort. As long as you stick with quality brands that you can rely on, the enclosures will most likely last for a long time. You can also find someone to check the enclosures and see if they still function well.

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