Xeriscaping ideas: do’s and don’ts

Gone are the days when the name or xeriscaping made us think of a garden with a lot of rooks and wheelbarrows, dry elements and littlest of the greenery. As the concept behind xeriscaping is to make use of minimal supplemental water while trying to create a healthy lush green lawn.


Professionals’ todays have devised such techniques through which you can create a cool and fresh looking garden with a lot of plants while following the xeriscaping concepts. Here we have gathered a few professionally approved tips that are going to help you what you should do and what you should avoid while you Xeriscape Austin.


 Dos and don’ts of xeriscaping


  • Do make use of your imagination and desires when you start designing your xeriscape lawn. There is just no end to the world of possibilities in garden creation. So do not think that xeriscape is the minimum of everything, enjoy yourself and cherish your imagination.
  • Do not think about planting only the cactus, yes cactus is a perfect answer for xeriscape lawns, but it shouldn’t be your only option. Do take as many styles of cactus as you like but do not limit to just cactus theme.
  • Do make use of the bunches of perennial flowering plants when designing your xeric garden. These flowers are friendly to the water and do not consume a lot of it. You can plant some perennial flowers in the variety of colors so that there is a lot of life in your garden.
  • Do make use of the seasonal flowers and plants that are specific for the winter season and fall. Choose wisely while you pick the plants and if you have no idea of them, ask the seller about them. He is going to tell you all about your needs for the plants that consume the least amount of water and stay fresh throughout the winter season.
  • Do make sure that you have planted the plants in such a way that those with the same watering needs have been placed near to each other. Consider planting them in groups and create small gaps in between each group, so you know which part you want to water more and which one the less.
  • Don’t feel bad about having a small lawn. Instead of owning a huge lawn that is dry in places and does not feel good to the eyes, go for a small one which you can take care of easily and where you can plant everything to your desire.
  • Don’t be too quick to think that only the large can create a good garden feel. Go for the smaller ones as they sure are going to turn to the larger ones one day.
  • Don’t rush into cutting away the plants with the start of the winter. Some plants do show their colors in the winter season as well. You can have the rest of them to grow their leaves back in the spring season so wait to have some good.

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