10 Ways to Maintain Your House and Prolong Its Life Span

Old houses have a certain charm to them. They’ve stood for quite some time and have seen many generations of people live within their walls. The downside to these homes is the fact that they need to be cared for properly. The experts at Accutech Restoration & Remodeling Inc.

have ten suggestions for maintaining your home. If you really want yours to last, then you need to consider using from the methods suggested here.

1) Conduct routine maintenance

The best thing that you can do involves following a routine maintenance schedule. You’ll have to do basic things like replace the furnace filters and have the air conditioning (and furnace) checked by an expert, as well as clean and paint your house.

2) Keep as many original details as possible

You might be tempted to destroy some of the original details, like molding, in order to keep up with home décor trends. Don’t do this. Instead, embrace those cool, old parts of your home.

3) Limit the amount of repairs that you make

Of course you should do any pertinent repairs in order to keep your house in great condition. However, you shouldn’t go overboard and repair things that don’t quite need to be fixed.


Historic windows are typically made of wavy glass. These are built to last for many years. They might be a bit drafty in comparison to newer windows, but their character makes them worth having.

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5) Repair the masonry using original methods

The masonry on the exterior of your home should be maintained using original building methods. This will make it look like it fits the home. Upgrading and modernizing masonry isn’t necessary.

6) Make sure that any additions or upgrades fit the house’s original design

If you want to add on any rooms or additional wings to your home, make sure that they fit the original design of the house. Otherwise, they’ll look odd and out of place.

7) Keep all of the quirky details

If you have a home with a crooked window or some other “unsightly” quirk, don’t demolish it. Instead, keep that detail and embrace it. Your home is fine the way it is, it doesn’t need to be perfect.

8) Don’t demolish those plaster walls

Plaster walls are only found in old houses. Many of the newer ones use drywall, which is much less sturdy. Keep this in mind when you’re considering replacing those original plaster walls.

9) Maintain your original wood floors

Wood floors can literally last for hundreds of years, as long as they’re care for properly. All of those chips and scuffs add character to your home – they don’t detract from it.

10) Consult with experts

If you have any questions about your old home, don’t be afraid to ask an expert for help. There are plenty of historians and old building experts in many metropolitan areas of the United States who would be glad to share their expertise.

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