4 Simple Carpet Maintenance Steps

If you’ve put a lot of hard work into purchasing a beautiful carpet for your home, you want to make sure nothing gets in the way of your carpet’s long-term health. If you’re looking for the best way to maintain your carpet and protect it from harm, you’ll want to make sure you have your cleaning schedule down pat. That doesn’t just mean treating stains and attending to damage when it shows up. To do the most for your carpet, you have to be able to put in the time to preserve it and care for it so that stains are less likely to do damage when they appear. If you’re interested in learning how to maintain your carpet, here are a few tips to get you on the right track.

1. Prevent

The first element of great carpet care is learning how to protect your carpet from harm during the day-to-day. The good news is that this step can be as intensive or as casual as you’d like. Whether you prefer to do a few basic preventative care steps like purchase a carpet pad or using mats around the house to trap dirt, or want to go the extra mile by rotating your carpet every few days for UV ray protection and to keep treading to a minimum, you can decide what kind of daily or weekly care you want to invest in. The size and weight of your carpet will also help to determine this. For instance, with carpets that are heavier, it might make more sense to invest in a carpet pad to minimize damage to your rug’s base over time. If your carpet is light and easy to move around, it will be easier to implement a few daily tasks to keep things clean and orderly.

2. Spot Treat

If you plan to have your carpet for a long time, get used to the idea of staining. No matter how hard you work to try and prevent stains, they’re bound to come up sooner or later. The important thing isn’t to try and protect your rug from staining in the first place: It’s to try and treat your stains appropriately so as not to create more damage. When stains first occur, the best thing to do is learn how to treat each material. When it comes to stain types, one size does not fit all.

If you’re dealing with a water-based stain, for instance, dish soap and baking soda should work well. For thicker stains, scraping off as much of the material as possible with a blunt knife is best before treating. Stains that produce odor should be treated with baking soda always to help soak up the smell, and oil-based stains should be left to soak with treatment overnight. When it comes to treating stains, there is one universal rule. Never rub your stains, use a light touch instead to dab and blot, using a damp paper towel to gently pick up the excess.

3. Clean Regularly

One of the more obvious ways to keep a clean carpet is by making sure to vacuum regularly and correctly. You may be accustomed to vacuuming your home every week without changing the height or setting of your vacuum across your floor. This is a mistake when it comes to your carpet. When treating your rug, especially if it has longer strands, always check your vacuum’s setting to make sure it doesn’t come up too high or fall too low. If you vacuum with the wrong setting, you could end up either missing a ton of dirt and grime at the bottom of your rug or damage the base by hitting too deep. If you’re confused about which setting is best, always check with your manufacturer or run a few tests to see what works best. While it can be difficult to be gentle with your rug while also picking up dirt, you’ll soon be able to figure out a way to master the weekly cleaning of your carpet.

4. Clean Professionally

The final key to a well-maintained carpet is to bring it in at least every six months for a professional cleaning. While it’s always great to commit to cleaning your rug thoroughly at home once a week, even the most meticulous home cleaning job just can’t approach the kind of quality treatment your rug will receive at carpet cleaning services like Chem-Dry. Expert cleaners will be able to extract every bit of dirt from your rug’s base and surface while treating lingering stains and odors in the process.


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