Best options for window replacement

You as a homeowner can always tell when your house needs to be repaired or require something new. As far as windows replacement is concerned it is very easy to tell as you shall be able to find the window drafts blowing the sides of your curtains, the water damage on the windows are also quite visible and first can also be seen on the inner layer of the windows during winters. So these are all quite easy to find out the difficulty lays when you need to decide about the replacement window and which design shall suits you want and needs. Also, the installation method of the replacement window can also be difficult to understand.

The two of the most common and best options for window replacement is; sash replacement and frame-and-sash replacement. These two have their own benefits and similarly own drawbacks so you need to find which one suits your needs the most.



Sash replacement

This option of window replacement can be used only when the condition of the window frame is good also there should be no damage caused by water or ice and the opening of the frame is still intact. Sash replacement is done by removing the previous sash and brand new liners of jamb are being installed. The compression fit fixing is being done into the liners and it makes the seal airtight. This is very cost-effective of replacement and the trims are not disturbed at all. However, this new installment may cause sash to appear more bulky and heavy.

Sash-and-frame replacement

Sash-and-frame replacement is the option that can only be used when the windowsill depicts the sign of moisture and air damage or leak just between the sash and frame only whereas everything else of the frame is good in shape. Most commonly the single unit can be fixed into the already existing jambs and is beside the both interior as well as exterior stops and then it is screwed within the jambs. This is one of the most costly units available but it saves the labor cost. However, this window replacement option can cause you to reduce your daylight window opening as compared to the sash replacement option.

Complete unit replacement

It is another option which allows you to get an overall new window which will have new insulation, new flashings, and new caulking. This includes the removal of the already existing frame, trim and the casings, it can, in some cases can cause a disturbance in both the siding; interior and exterior.


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