Cheapest semi-automatic washing machine in India

The hectic schedule and modern fast paced life have made it quintessential for all to share a bit of their load with machines. Washing machines are of great help and absolutely necessary these days in every household. But all of us don’t have the budget to just cash out our wallet for the high range premium fully automatic models. Sometimes, we run may try to acquire the best in limited cash but they sound crazy right? Well, nothing is crazy. Every problem has a solution and be prepared to know about the best. So today we are going to check out the best models that are available in India under Rs 8000.

Onida WS65WLP2 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Onida is not a new name in India and has a trustworthy reputation among most households. This 6.5 kg model from them packs quite a punch compared to its humble price tag. It is extremely compact for its genre with a height just shy of 90 centimetres. Rusting is not an issue given its fibre body construction and can get you through most of your daily washing needs. If you are concerned about the way your clothes are being handled the transparent top comes in handy.

Price: Rs 4900 at Amazon. You can directly click on the and buy the product you longed to buy.

BPL BSATL62N1 6.2 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine

There was a brief timeline when BPL used to rule the budget consumer electronics sector in India. It seems that they have brought back their “A-game” once again. Their 6.2 kg model here has a lot of exclusive features that the peers lack. Budget need not be compromise most of the time and with the powerful motor in. This one BPL wants to convey that message loud and clear. You don’t need to worry about residual foam and detergent after washing. Spin shower and superwash features that this washing machine is equipped with takes care of that. Finally the collar scrubber for those tough stains that are more stubborn than all the fanatics combined.

Price: Rs 5990 atAmazon.

Hyundai HYS72F 7.2 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Hyundai is already a leader in the automatics industry and is now set on the path of invading the household electronics washing machine. The Hyundai washing machine is a steal in the 8k price bracket. The auto soaks feature takes a load off of you by predicting the optimum soaking time for stain removal. You can be at ease with itsreversomaticpulsator which flushes out all the dirt from each thread of the fabric. If you are not convinced just check the wash procedure from the transparent top lid. Moreover, for hard pleasers, Hyundai even decided to add lint filter and a dryer to address all concerns.

Price: Rs 7499 at Flipkart

Sansui WMSS60AS-CMA Semi-Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine

The Japanese are just too good with electronics and Sansui just adds to that predicament. It has packed in all the possible features that can be stuffed in a sub 8k machine. Its 6kg capacity may be lowest on the list but it more than makes it up with its 1400 rpm spin speeds and an ergonomic design. If vibrations are a concern then this one handles it well with its castor wheels and it comes with a sweet 2-year warranty.

Price: Rs 7950 at Amazon

If a semi-automatic washing machine is cheap then it does not necessarily mean that it is of dreadful quality. In the list above, we have enlisted some of the cheapest yet excellent semi-automatic washing machines. Check our list and go for the one which is best suited for you without taking a swing at the piggy bank.

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