Classic Countertops: Benefits of Using Quartz Around the House

 Quartz countertops don’t just look great in the kitchen, bathroom or other places around the home, but they have a host of other benefits – ranging from no need for expensive annual sealing, to lower maintenance requirements that put them ahead of the “natural stone” competition.


Unlike granite, marble, and other stones that can come with a high price tag and require a lot of upkeep, quartz is a man-made substance that is often more affordable and easier to manage. It’s produced by combining quartz crystals with resins in a factory process that’s so flexible, it can make quartz slabs in a huge range of colors, sizes, shades and styles.


A list of the benefits of quartz could almost be limitless, but to help better inform decisions about whether the material is right for using for countertops a particular home, consider the five perks below.


  1. Appearance: Because quartz is man-made, it can be produced in whatever design the home interior project requires, whether that’s a single solid color, a mix of colors, or even crafted to resemble more-expensive natural stone. This incredible versatility means it can be tailored to just about any countertop project, and the slabs can also be made to match to hide the seams.


  1. Easy Cleaning: One of the greatest benefits of using quartz in a busy bathroom or kitchen where spills are common is the ease of cleaning the countertops. Regardless of whether it’s shampoo all over the counter in the bathroom or a big mess of food and drink in the kitchen, quartz countertops are easy to clean with some mild dish-washing liquid, warm water and a cloth to wipe them down.


  1. Bacteria-Resistant: On the topic of cleanliness, a related perk of quartz countertops is that they are resistant to bacteria. Germs can find their way into the pores of natural stone like granite, but because quartz is made in a factory there are no pores to invade, which means nowhere for them to infect. So there’s never the risk of quartz countertops getting moldy and having to be replaced.


  1. No Sealing: Cost considerations are usually among the top of the list when homeowners are trying to decide on countertop materials, and it’s not as simple as the upfront cost of the slabs and installation. It’s also important to factor in the cost of annual sealing, which can be necessary for some stone to seal the pores and prevent contamination or damage. Thankfully, quartz doesn’t have pores that need to be sealed, so there’s no need for annual sealing, saving time and effort.


  1. Durable Substance: Quartz is an incredibly durable material which is able to withstand a lot of action without and peeling, chipping or warping – a huge benefit over wood and other more-vulnerable materials. Still, it’s important to help prevent against any possible harm (for example placing down heat pads when using very hot dishes in the kitchen).


There are other benefits to using quartz countertops around the home, but the five examples above could help homeowners make the final decision to opt for installing this great material.

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