Decorating your new house

In life, you will move into a number of houses. Some new, some old. Some big, and some small. However, no matter what house you move into you, you always face the same questions, “How do I decorate the space I have?”. When decorating your new house, it’s easy to follow a similar pattern throughout every room and hallway. Yet, not every room has the same dimensions and especially not the same lighting. This problem only gets more complicated with the bigger your new house is. In this article, we will show you how you can decorate you new, bigger home with our premium hide rugs!

The Entry Way

As you enter your new home, the first impression you want to give friends and family is a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Sometimes, homes with larger entry ways or taller ceilings have a harder time creating this close-knit, homely feel. To combat this, we recommend decorating your entry way with one of our larger cowhide rugs. These rugs come in multiple colours and shapes, allowing you to match whatever themes and décor you currently have in your home. Likewise, our cowhide rugs grasp the floor, which is highly recommended for busy walkways.

The Living Room

At the centre of every elegant home is a wide, open living room. Here, you spend countless hours with friends and family, sharing stories and reminiscing past times. To capture this close, warm atmosphere, we recommend decorating with any number of our reindeer rugs. Our reindeer hide rugs are both soft and dense, providing a comfortable place to sit and lounge within your living room. Because these hide rugs are a bit smaller in size, there are more options for where you can place them throughout your living room as well as which colours you’d like it to have. Each reindeer hide rug is responsibly sourced and ranges from Siberian to fallow deer fur.

The Master Bedroom

Although this room may not be seen by all visitors to your home, your master bedroom still deserves the love and attention that all other rooms in your home receive. For this room, your goal is to create a quiet, intimate place for you. To achieve this, we recommend decorating your master bedroom with one of our sheepskin hide rugs. Sheepskin hide rugs are an iconic, fashionable décor item that everyone has! These rugs are extremely soft while also be thicker than other hide rugs. Likewise, sheepskin hide rugs can also be used as a throw or hung on the wall for decoration. Because of their small shape and unique texture, sheepskin hide rugs are ideal for your smaller, more intimate rooms in your new home.

Exotic Rugs

Sometimes, the right rug is quite hard to find, especially when trying to match other patterns and colours currently in your home. If you do not see the perfect hide rug in one of our three listed categories, try searching in our ‘Exotic Rugs’ selection. These hide rugs are perfect for drawing attention to larger, open rooms and hallways where simple paint and wall art just won’t cut it. No matter your decor needs, there’s a hide rug for you!


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