Do you need a specific vacuum cleaner for tile floors?

You’re probably reading this article because you are already sick and tired of scrubbing your tile floors and the dirt keeps building up. You have already resorted to a lot of hacks and methods of cleaning them and yet, nothing happens. You’ve tried using vacuum cleaners and scrubbing but your tile flooring keeps on collecting dust piled up with debris making them appear dirty. That is the problem with tile floors, they show up more filth compared to wood or carpets. It doesn’t matter if your floor is made from ceramic, natural stone, glass or porcelain tile, you have come to the right place. This article will help you get rid of those nasty tile floor build ups.

A lot of professional cleaner would suggest that you scrub your tile floors using slippery soaps and messy water everyday, and that is kind of a tiring routine. You also have probably used several kinds of vacuum cleaners but they just won’t work well on your floors, so you keep on switching from one cleaner to another and that is where you’ll notice the problem. Have you ever asked yourself if you’re using the right type of vacuum cleaner for your tile floor?

Yes, you’ve read it right. You would need a specific vacuum cleaner for tile floors. These types of vacuums are usually those with powerful suction, completely cleaning up the surface of the tiles and sucking deep down the debris that has been building-up, ready to be a new visible dirt again even after you vacuum them.

Below are the factors to consider in choosing the specific type of vacuum to clean your tile floors.

  1. Knowing the Material Of Your Tiled Floor. The materials used in your tile floors play a vital role in picking up the best vacuum to do the cleaning for you. Smooth tiles doesn’t need vacuums that are too powerful. However, if your tile flooring is kind of rough and has a texture, that is when you need to consider getting a vacuum that can clean extensively, some even comes with a wet brush that scrapes off the dirt while you vacuum them.
  1. Brush and Steam. Some vacuum cleaners for tile floors come with a steam that operates as you vacuum the surface of your floor. It cleans them while sanitizing too and as mentioned in the first item, a vacuum cleaner that comes with a brush is really perfect for tile floors.
  1. Filters. Vacuum cleaner for tile floors need a good filtration system. Compared to other materials, tiles accumulate more dirt so you really need a filtration system that can really filter the filth away from your floor and not leave any residue behind.
  1. Type of Vacuum Cleaner. The best type of vacuum cleaner that works wonders with tile floors could be a can or upright type. Be careful when choosing the type you’re about to used in your tile floors as some accessories attached to other models can scratch the tiles. Look for something that is mobile and versatile and if you’re choosing something on wheels, make sure that they’re made of rubber so it can navigate through your floors easily without scratching them.

Now, you’re already aware that you need a specific type of vacuum cleaner to clean your tile floors. Remember, if you use it properly, you will not need to keep cleaning your flooring because you can keep them looking fresh and new for a long time. Be smart in choosing the type of vacuum to pick and remember the factors listed above to guide you with your purchase.

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