Heavy Summer Rains And Your Roof

When mother nature is just doing what she does best,  your roof is put to the test.  Your roof, whose main purpose is to protect and shelter the people that you love, living beneath it. Once your roof gets hit by heavy summer rains, the structural integrity of your house could be compromised. Even if there were no leaks inside your home, you should check for hidden damages  to avoid roof, water, and structural issues in the future. With summer traditionally associated with hot weather and the kids out of school on summer vacation — people take advantage and spend time outdoors. Before traveling to the beach or going on a picnic, have your roof inspected, or repaired to make sure your home is ready for the inclement weather ahead.

Why is it important to inspect the roof of your home?

Your roof is the first line of defense against Mother Nature, so roof maintenance is critical. Homeowners should examine their roof for cracks, or weak spots. Check around the chimneys and vent pipes for old, worn out sealant or cracked tar.  Rain will often run down the side of the chimney, and if the silicone is cracked, some of that rainwater will end up inside the house.

There might also be black, darkened streaks running along the roof.  These result from algae, fungus, or mold, and usually show up on shady or north-facing roofs.  Luckily this can be  easily fixed with roof cleaning products or even bleach.

Many roof issues can be fixed by the homeowner, but good preparation is always the best answer.  Regular roof checks and general maintenance will prevent most major roofing issues. It’s always better to be safe, dry and protected than to have disaster strike and truly damage your home, personal belongings and people you love. Be a smart homeowner and be prepared.

What’s the best roofing for summer, for warm weather and summer rains?

The best roofing for summer, warm weather and summer rains is concrete tile. Your family can live comfortably and expecting to be safe and sound for a long period of time. This tile is far less expensive compared to slate or clay also. Clay is a bit pricey but it’s also the best for hot weather. You can read more by clicking here and checking out the best roofing for warm weather.

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