How To Plan To Move an Office?

The changes always generate worry and stress due to everything that entails moving from one office to another, important documentation, valuable equipment, furniture, etc.

So to help you in your process of moving to another office we bring you several tips and a checklist to be successful and can be flogged without major problem:

New office new space:

Before thinking about the move, you have to find a new office, to do so take into account the budget that was established, the furnishings and the functionalities of the space. In other words furniture, filing cabinets and equipment should be able to be located without problem. Each worker must have a comfortable work space (recommended is 1.50 m); An estimate of the possible growth of the company in the coming years should also be taken into account. The real estate search must keep in mind the space needs for the company, lighting and work areas, access roads and transport for employees, security, economic factors, location of customers etc.

The move must be in charge of someone:


Office relocation can not be something done in a day, especially if it is a company; Carrying out a transfer is a very responsible task and must be carried out through a plan. Where there is a leader who directs the rest of the team, designates responsibilities and tasks to minimize errors and risks. In order to choose the office relocation services who is in charge of the whole move, he must take into account his leadership and organizational capacity. He must also prepare a move plan so that everything goes according to plan, which must be evaluated and approved by the managers.

Moving schedule:
When moving a place office is vital to take into account the times, avoid affecting the productivity of employees, compliance to customers and other internal processes. To avoid this, it is important that the removal plan has a moving date (preferably a weekend), installation time, documentation transfer, connectivity review and equipment operation, etc.

Friendly spaces:
The change of office is an opportunity for improvement for both the company and the employees. It is a question of improving the work environment and productivity taking advantage of the spaces, think of locating jobs differently according to the dynamics by areas. Make sure that mobility is easy and intuitive and that communication between work teams flows, you can see significant changes in the productivity of your staff. You can also take advantage of archives and furniture that are obsolete.

Hire experts in moving:
Do not assume that moving office is an easy thing, it is best to hire a company specialized in  corporate moving companies. This protects your assets and allows the process to be more organized and risk free. The least you want is to increase your company’s expenses for damages in the transfer, to have a company like Transfervans will help you reduce the time of transfer, loading and unloading of furniture.

A new office involves some extra expenses:
Initially when you are in the new office, there will arise necessities that perhaps were impossible to foresee, nevertheless it is something habitual when there is an office transfer, the most habitual are touches of painting or infrastructure.

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