How to Prepare for Your Double Glazing Installation

Getting double glazing windows or doors installed in your home makes complete sense for many reasons. By reducing draughts, your home is better insulated, meaning you don’t need to rely as much on heating your home – great news when it comes time to pay your energy bills.

If you’re thinking of getting double glazing installed, there are a few things you need to prepare for this task.
Choosing an Installer

Always choose a reputable installer who comes highly recommended. According to Price Your Job, it’s important you use experienced and competent fitters, as even the best double glazing can be ruined by a poor-quality installation.

Check an installer’s reputation online – for instance, Firmfix offer double glazing in Gloucestershire and have many positive reviews.

Arranging Installation

Whether you’re having just one or many new windows installed, aim to arrange the work for a time that’s most convenient for you and least disruptive to your daily routines. If you’re not going to be home, make sure the installers have access to your property.

Keeping Areas Clear

Make it easy for the installers to get in and out of your property during the installation work by keeping entrances clear and removing any items that may be near the windows or doors you’re getting replaced. This may involve moving furniture or other items inside as well as any other items that may be directly below the windows outside. Don’t forget to take down blinds and curtains from those windows you are getting replaced. Keep pets or children away from the areas where work is being carried out.

Time Taken

Whether you choose double glazing in Gloucestershire or elsewhere, how long it takes for an installation job to be completed can depend on a number of factors. As well as how many windows or doors you are getting replaced, the style of window, frame or pane can also influence the length of the process. On average, the work can take around a day.

Expect a Mess

Getting new windows or doors fitted can involve some degree of mess and disruption, but always choose an installation company that has a good reputation for tidying up after the work has been completed. Certainly, you should never be left with having to get rid of the old windows, doors or frames yourself.

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