How to Remove the Old Paint from Wooden Surface

Paint is a very sticky substance that gets stuck on a surface very tightly. After many days when it becomes loose and old we need to remove it to paint it with new color. If we don’t remove it the new paint will not last for long. Removing old paint is a very tiring and time consuming job that needs your endless rubbing by hand with a brush. Now it’s the time of technology. So why don’t we use technology to do this work. A pressure washer is a good machine that creates a high force inside and throws out the water with immense power. You can use this pressurized water to remove your old paint. There are few ways how to do it.

Choose the Water force

The machine that we are talking about has different capacity and generates different pressure. They start from 1200 PSI water force to 5000 PSI water force only for using at residential purpose. To remove the old paint you need high pressurized water as your old paint is hard to remove. There are many arguments about how much water force is needed. Some say 2500 PSI is enough and the others say 4000 PSI will be good. We will say that if you have 3000 PSI water force it should be enough. Choose the 0-degree or maximum 15-degree nozzle to provide you the maximum force.

Save Yourself

When you are going to work with high pressure water you must be very careful because you are going to deal with a dangerous machine. You must wear all your proper personal protective equipments. You must wear at least your gloves, eye-glasses and your boots. When you remove the paint with the high pressure the broken paints come out and it might hit your eye causing damage. Gloves are required to hold your spray gun tightly so that it doesn’t slip from your hand. Boots are also required because when you use the machine you need to hit the surface with pressurized water that remains close to your foot. In order to stay safe all these equipments are necessary.

Hit it Hard

Now the main work begins. Switch on and start the device, hold the spray gun tightly point it to the wooden surface and spray the water. To remove the tough paint, keep the point of your spray wand as close as possible to the wooden surface. Don’t hit the surface directly, move your spray gun from one side to the other parallel to the wood grain. It will help the water to get inside your paint and take them out. Don’t move from one side to the other without removing the entire paint. Slowly clean one side of your wooden surface and move to the other, cleaning the whole wood properly.

Protect Your House

If you are cleaning the wooden roof and walls of your house you should be a little careful. The high pressure water has the capacity to break and spoil your soft and delicate stuffs. Close the door and window when you are working on the outside wall. Keep aside all the delicate stuffs that are lying around your cleaning area. If hitting the wall spoils the wood you should stop.

A pressure washer has many uses and removing the old paint is one of them. You can also use this device to clean the tough dirt. Using the machine and removing the paint is a costly job if you hire some worker. Your money will be saved if you spend a little of your time and effort.

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