How to Use Your Garden This Winter

Most of us spend the spring months preparing our garden for the summer. We spend a fortune, both in time and in money, getting it just right. We spend hours researching garden care and accessories, we make Pinterest boards, we weatherproof and we paint. Then, we get three months or so to enjoy it. We fit in as many barbeques as we can, we entertain, and we play with the kids outside for hours on end. We relax with a glass of wine after a long day or enjoy our morning coffee on the decking. We truly appreciate and make the most of our outdoor space. Then, autumn comes, and despite all the hard work, our gardens get left behind. We wrap up indoors while weeds take over, paint chips, and our gardens fall into neglect. But why? With the right care, gardens can be enjoyed all year around.


Often, it’s not the temperature that keeps us out of our gardens in the winter; we still take the kids to play in the park after all. It’s the rain and snow. If you want to be able to use your garden all year around the first thing you need to add is a covered area. Make sure it’s large enough for some toys if you’ve got kids, as well as a comfy seating area.


That said, while kids might be happy to play in the cold, adults might not be as thrilled at the idea of eating outdoors in huge coats. Outdoor heaters are now available in a huge range of sizes, power options, and prices. Remember, you only really need to heat the covered area.


Another reason we stay indoors more in the winter is the lack of light. Add some outdoor candles and lighting options to create a cozy, romantic atmosphere and make it somewhere you want to spend time.


Your garden is going to need more care and attention to make it usable in the winter. Make sure everything is weatherproofed, check out KGlandscape lawn care, and set aside some time each week to give it a quick clean and tidy.

Winter Plants

Many of us concentrate on plants that flower and look pretty in the summer, when we know we’ll be outside to see them. However, many plants flower all year around or specifically in winter. Add some to keep your garden attractive in the cooler months.

Grow Things

There are also many fruits and vegetables that thrive in the colder weather. Using your garden to grow root vegetables is an excellent way to make sure it gets used and that it gives you something back all year around. Growing things is also fantastic exercise and a great way to save money.

There’s nothing to stop you enjoying your garden when it’s cold outside. It can even become your safe little haven from the weather. Don’t spend all that time and money for three months of enjoyment. Instead, make the most of it!


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