Ignore Myths And Install Good Quality Windows Mississauga

With increasing trend of energy efficiency, people have associated a lot of myths or false facts that do not exist anywhere in reality. Sometimes, people hold an idea for so long that others start to believe in whatever they say. Most of the time, the facts might be true in the past but now, there is nothing like that. According to the recent studies, it has been found that myths are the primary reason behind increased energy bills, unnecessary maintenance work and reduced comfort. So, homeowners should avoid believing in such myths and make sure that they do not respond to any of them.


In order to avoid all problems, they have to know some important but disturbing myths about energy efficiency:

  • Energy efficiency and energy conservation are completely different terms but used for almost similar aspects. This is the biggest misconception. In reality, efficiency refers to using lesser energy for a certain task. For example, energy saving bulbs can brighten the home with less energy compared to regular incandescent ones. On the contrary, conservation is also about reducing the energy consumption need by changing behavior. The example could be to turn thermostat lower than before. So, homeowners should have to take care of this fact while purchasing windows Mississauga.


  • By lowering or raising the thermostat temperature, it would be easier to keep the home cool or warm. What most of the people do not know is that furnaces and air conditioning units have the ability to work with the same efficiency, no matter where the thermostat has been set. The actual fact is that the components would be consuming higher energy than expected because they always try to meet the set point.


  • The third myth is that when the appliance is turned off, it is not consuming energy. However, the truth is completely opposite. Most of the appliances and electronic items use power no matter if they are not working. Even sometimes, they need more in non-working condition than they would need while they are working. So, experts suggest to unplug them whenever not in need.


  • Leave the lights on wastes less energy rather than switching them on and off. Usually, a small power surge would consume less energy than it would need when the lights are still on. So, if the lights are not in use, don’t forget to turn them off.
  • Living with old windows Mississauga would be a better way to save money than their replacement. Again, the truth is opposite- if people are living in a home that possess 15 years or more old windows, they would have to deal with air drafts, leakage, sticky windows and most importantly, increased energy bills. So, experts suggest to replace them right away in order to avoid all types of problems.

There are various other myths regarding windows Mississauga that every homeowner should consider and make sure that they do not do the same.

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