Steps to install an exhaust fan

Exhaust fans are those devices which help us immensely with ventilation purposes. With the help of the exhaust fans the ventilation process is improved drastically hence are specifically designed fans for such purpose.Exhaust fans are the fans with powerful motors and blades which are short and so designed to suck out air and throw it outwards from the side facing the blades. Exhaust fans are of usually two types the impeller fan which is the sort of airplane propeller in shape of the blades and the second type is the blower fan.

 These are the fans which are used in the old-fashioned coolers and these are powerful. Their blades are designed to suck up or absorb the air behind them and throw them out on the front side.  The fan consists of 4 leg-like structures which helps it to be fastened by means of bolts or rivets on its external frame. The motor is encased inside a steel or aluminium cylinder protected from external environmental factors. The blades are made up of steel or hardened aluminium.

People who buy exhaust fans for the first time usually have a hard time trying to get familiar with the process of installing it. So, if you have a new exhaust fan yet to be installed, or if you are planning to get one for your bathroom, (you can visit to buy the latest exhaust fans), give this article a read and ease the process of installation. The basic steps to install an exhaust fan are as follows:

  • The very first step would be to decide where the exhaust fan is needed and then the next decision would be to finalize the position where the fan is to be installed.
  • The next step would be to arrange for wiring to that spot to provide electricity to the fan which is to be installed.
  • Cut out the area of the ventilator window or rather it is window or a section of wall where the exhaust is to be installed. This cut made should be in accordance to the size of the frame of the exhaust that has to be installed or the blade size of the exhaust.
  • Fix a something to mount the fan frame upon if it is being pinned up on glass of a window, if it is a wall then a mixture of cement and sand would also work to fix it permanently with the wall. In case of a wall drilling holes and screwing the fan frame to the wall.
  • Attach the exhaust fan in the wall or the glass on the window.
  • Get an insulation pipe or drill the wall to insert the wire inside the wall and connect it to the mains for the power supply to the exhaust.
  • Connect the exhaust fan to the main supply wire that has been brought to that point from the main supply.
  • Screw the exhaust fan or fix it in place with the appropriate means that may be necessary or possible.
  • Insulate the connection of the fan with wire by means of electrical insulating tape or various other insulating means and after inserting the wire inside the wall seal of the drilling so that the wire is fixed inside the wall permanently.


Install the vent of the exhaust fan given along with it on the opposite side of the fan, the side facing the blades of the fan and screw it in that place to keep it fixed.

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