What You Need to Know About Water Hammers and How You Can Counter Them

Your plumbing system is what allows you to enjoy the use of water in your house. This combination of pipes and fixtures provides your residence with a reliable source of clean water on a daily basis. Without the presence of an able plumbing system, your everyday tasks will be severely compromised. That’s the reason why you need to invest considerable time, money, and effort to have your plumbing system and all of its corresponding components. One of the many problems you need to look out for in this certain aspect of your home is a water hammer.

What is a water hammer and how does it happen?

At first, you might think a water hammer is a very scary thing to happen in your home. Don’t be concerned because it’s a rather normal occurrence and it can be resolved easily as well. Basically, water hammers happen when the flow of water inside a plumbing pipe suddenly changes direction. This momentum change adds more pressure on the plumbing pipe, especially if the flow of water is very strong. As a result, the added pressure will damage the plumbing pipe and lower its integrity.

How can you prevent water hammers from happening?

Water hammers can really be a problem if you don’t take the necessary precaution. The best way to prevent this predicament from happening is to install an air chamber. Basically, air chambers are something you can add to your plumbing system that will prevent any sudden change in water flow. Your best option to is to hire experienced plumbers to inspect your plumbing system and have the proper addition installed.

Without any air chamber installed in your home, your plumbing pipes will always be in danger from water hammers and you will lose a lot of money in having this problem repaired.

The proper air chamber installation process

Installing an air chamber into your plumbing system is not as complicated as you might expect. First and foremost, you will need to find a cavity in your walls. This cavity should be close to the water valves. After you have located these wall cavities, you can start the air chamber installation process. You can easily install these vertical pieces of pipes to your water main valves.

After installing an air chamber, your work is not done yet. You need to find out if this air chamber is compatible to your plumbing pipes. As such you will need to follow certain steps to make sure the installed air chamber works properly.

To find out if the air chamber you installed is compatible, your main water valve should be shut off first. Afterwards, open your home’s faucet that can be found at the highest point. At the same time, drain all the water from your plumbing system. This is done by opening the faucet that can be found in the lowest point in your home. More often than not, this faucet can be located in the basement or backyard. Once you have done these steps, the water from your plumbing pipes will be expelled and air will replace it.

After all the water has been drained, shut off the faucet in your basement or backyard. Turn the main valve back on as well. Now that an ample amount of air has filled the air chamber, this plumbing addition will counter any sudden change of water flow direction inside the pipes.

You won’t fear water hammers when there is an air chamber present in your plumbing system. The solution itself to this worrisome plumbing problem is very easy to do.

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