When To Use Professional Rug Care Services in Canada?

As an area rug owner, we understand how much you love your rug. It surely is base of your all home décor and for some, also the place where you spend most of your time. You make sure to do regular vacuuming and remove the stains as quickly as possible and give best rug care. However, over period of time, rugs tend to accumulate dirt and germs inside the fibers. So, referring to professional rug care services in Canada once in few years is always a good choice.

The top five reasons to go for professional services are as below:

  1. It’s about Hygiene

Rugs work as a trap for allergens, bacteria and other unhealthy elements. With time, it keeps on increasing and cleaning yourself will not help. Rug care services in Canada provide high quality cleaning with sanitizers that tend to remove 99% of bacteria.

  1. Protection from Dust and Dust mites

You will be surprised to notice how much dirt accumulates in your rug over period of time and dust mites take no time to develop amidst such dust. Steam cleaning done by professionals eradicates even the microscopic mites as they cannot withstand high temperature used during the process.

  1. Get rid of Foul Odor

With passage of time, rugs start stinking. We generally clear the spills and remove the stain but the smell tends to stay. Slowly, the odor can be felt in the air around as well and cannot be removed with cheap cleaning materials. A professional cleaning can eliminate all foul smells and odors leaving your rug and room with fresh outlook.

  1. Time Saving

Removing small stains can be easy but deep cleansing of complete area rug can be cumbersome task and can surely take hours from your busy schedule. It is always wise to hire a professional who can take this pain for you and also the end result is much better and refreshing. They will also take care of moving your furniture and the set it altogether like before after cleaning. Isn’t this a lot of time saving?

  1. Prolonged Rug Life

Many people attempt to clean their rug themselves but rugs are delicate! Scrubbing them too hard can take life away from them. Also, if any hard bleach\detergent is used, it can cause more harm than good. But a professional know it all. They are well verse with all type of rugs and their cleaning methods. They clean your rug gently and appropriately. So, it gives a prolonged life to your rug.

If you have not referred to professional rug care services in Ontario, Canada in years, then don’t think just opt for one right away!

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