7 reasons to choose the Timber Frame over PVCu

Over a passage of years, the seemingly new material known as the uPVC or PVCu, to all intents and purposes, has become the top rated material to be used for making door and window frames. It is particularly noticeable in the newer construction developments. Several proprietors, however, particularly those residing in preservation areas, have continuously accepted the benefits of nature’s own resources over the man-made ones.

Reasons To Choose Timber for Framed Windows and Doors

So here we are with our compilation of 7 reasons for you to choose timber over the PVCu:

  1. Wooden frames are bound to create a statement and look spectacular on any kind of property. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of the wood like the maple, oak or the mahogany to choose from. These come in different tones, and your timber frames can be tailored to best suit your needs. Timber window frames can be engraved, tainted or even dyed to your sense of taste and to imitate the entire appearance of your home.
  1. Timber Window frames are extra pleasant to the environment in comparison to the PVCu. These actually possess a deleterious GWP (global warming potential) which suggests that over the longer periods of service of these frames, these have the capability of decreasing the Carbon dioxide amount from the air. While the very production of the PVCu includes the discharge of very toxic chemicals, among which six have been registered by the European government urgency removal.
  1. Timber window frames would quite possibly last for many years whereas your regular PVCu windows would most likely last not more than 30 years. When preserved correctly, your timber windows will competently repel deterioration and stay with you for a lifespan.
  1. Timber is nature’s best providence that has natural insulating capabilities that can keep the temperatures of your home relaxed and comfy. Wood will help in absorbing the heat and keeping it inside of your home. It, consecutively, also depresses the carbon release and thus decreases your electricity usage while it keeps your household warm and cozy.
  1. Even though timber window and door frames need consistent upkeep and weather-proofing to retain their best state, painting and putting varnish on them makes them very eye-catching and also aids them in resisting the rudiments of nature. Conflicting to prevalent belief, PVCu window frames also require maintenance and furthermore once damaged, the PVCu window cannot be fixed that easily.
  1. Timber, being a natural element can be recycled many times and does not require many processes to cut and process into a final product. The PVCu, on the other hand, is recycled only 3% of the entire product, and the rest is wasted, adding to the pollution of the earth.
  1. Talking about the cost comparison; the timber windows are not as expensive as they are famed to be. Maple is said to be the most low-cost wood for window frames, while mahogany is the priciest. But whichever you choose, stay satisfied that it is going to last way longer than its PVCu counterpart.


So, we hope that by now you know what choice would be best for you. And here is how you can enjoy the maximum benefits from the double or even the triple glazed timber frames for your home; The Box Sash Window Company is your best bet! The company has been in the business for quite long and let you have the comfort and the beauty of installing timber sash windows in your home.

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