How to prevent scratches on your wooden floor

The odd scratch on your wooden floor is pretty much inevitable, especially if you have children, dogs, people who wear shoes indoors or anyone who ever drops anything. However, you can certainly cut the level of wear and tear on your floor by taking a few simple measures, some of which may surprise you.

Check outside to protect inside
Low-level damage to wooden floors is often cumulative, building up over many years and finally resulting in a dulled surface. Much of this damage is caused by dirt, dust and grit that is brought into the house on people’s shoes, by pets’ paws or simply by the wind blowing grit into the house when the doors or windows are open. One thing that you can do to prevent your floor getting scratched is to make sure that outside areas are regularly swept and that sharp, gritty particles such as small pieces of gravel, are swept away.
This is particularly important in the paths that lead directly into the house. A good-quality mat at each entrance will also help to cut down the transfer of particles into the house. Make sure that the mat is beaten or washed regularly so that it continues to trap grit.
Take Fido to the groomer
Pets often get the blame for scratched floors. If your dog appears to be scratching your floor, take him to your local dog groomer and ask them to clip his nails. You’ll be able to tell if your dog’s nails are too long because you may hear them clicking, particularly on laminate flooring
If the dog is mostly walked on grass, its nails may not wear down sufficiently to prevent damage to floors. The groomer will advise how often you should bring the dog in to prevent damage to your floors.

Use furniture gliders
There are dozens of different types of furniture gliders for sale that will prevent your furniture from moving slightly and causing numerous small scratches that you don’t notice for some time. You can get felt pads that are not visible once applied, and these will prevent the friction that marks the flooring.

If you follow these hints, you should be able to greatly reduce the number of scratches on your floor.

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