5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Save Water and Get Clean

When it comes to your impact on the Earth, you can make a difference! It can be tough to tear yourself away from your old ways, but when you try something new, you expand your world and open yourself up to the possibility of change. There are plenty of ways to go green and you wouldn’t even have to break a sweat doing it – just change something up a little bit.

In addition to installing a coriolis mass flowmeter to help monitor water usage, read on to find out five more eco-friendly ways that you can save on the water you use and get clean, too.

  1. Use Steam Bath Generators

Steam bath generators are such a cool way to go green and to get clean at the same time! These nifty little contraptions are like having all of the power of a steamy shower or a sauna on your hands without any of the installation headaches. These small steam bath generators pack quite a bunch. Park them in your bathroom or even sauna bench and they will pack the room full of steam, using a few gallons over the course of twenty to thirty minutes, instead of dozens. Get clean the eco-friendly way with steam bath generators.

  1. A Modular Sauna

Whether indoor or outdoor, Bolton modular saunas are a great way to stay clean and save on water! The sauna is used as a bathing tool in many parts of Europe, sometimes in combination with jumping into the snow, cold rivers, or a lake, and then going right back in to the sauna. A Bolton modular sauna is going to give you that feeling of steaming, and with locked in panels frequently made of cedar, you won’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be getting a 15-minute session in on the daily.

  1. Take Five-Minute Showers and Set a Timer

If you want to save water and time but don’t really have the space to install a sauna or other things like that and you’re stuck with a shower, the best thing that you can do is to set a timer and really make an effort to have a quick shower. You’re saving water, you are saving energy, and you are saving yourself a bunch of time that would have gone nowhere in the shower!

Face it, all you’ve got to do is lather up, wash your hair, and potentially shave in the shower. It doesn’t have to take an hour when it could be done in five minutes. Set an egg alarm up to four minutes and then hop out shortly after when the timer goes off.

  1. Install New Shower Heads

Green shower heads will save a ton of water, and water is life! They will reduce the amount of water you use, which is great if you have roommates that aren’t going to change their ways, but you can help in the fight on the sly anyway. Thanks, roommates!

  1. Take a Shortcut Shower

If you’re in a rush and don’t have time or necessarily require a full shower, take a shortcut. Use a washcloth to wash your face and use it to go over your limbs, before drying them off. Then, tackle your armpits and apply deodorant. You’re now good to go, and saving water, too!


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