All That You Wanted to Know About Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are commonly used in your bathroom and kitchen areas that not only give a very good finish to the wall, but also help to maintain the surface neat and clean. Glass tiles are these days available in many different colors, textures, styles and sizes to match the interiors of your house or office. Due to advancement in technology, these days you can get glass tiles of many different types and each of them has their own characteristics and qualities.

Types of glass tiles

As we can see a broad range of colors, textures, size and styles, they are categorized into mainly 3 different kinds of product groups as follows –

  • Cast glass tiles
  • Fused glass tile
  • Low temperature coated glass tile

This categorization has been mainly done based on their manufacturing process. In addition to that glass tiles are further divided depending upon their unit size. Among these sizing classifications all types of glasses like glass tiles for mosaics, large format glass and miniature mosaic are also included.

Dimensional requirements of glass tiles

There are certain standards followed regarding the facial dimensions, wedging, warp age and thickness of the glass tiles.

  • Criteria for facial dimension

The manufacturer has to specify maximum variations that are allowed in the size, with tolerances and sizes of each unit and any deviation from the normal specified size.

  • Criteria for wedging

Here the manufacturer needs to specify the number of tiles in the package.

  • Criteria for warp age

Maximum allowable deviations from the flatness of the surface of the glass tile need to be specified by the manufacturer.

  • Criteria for thickness

Variations of thickness of the tile need to be mentioned by the manufacturer.

Performance of glass tiles

Usually, glass tiles are little less resistant as compared to ceramic tiles. It may get affected by scratching or abrasion, thermal shock and hence before selecting the glass tile for installation, the engineer needs to verify following parameters whether it will be suitable for the surroundings, where it is to be installed. He would therefore check the following factors for his own satisfaction –

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Freeze/Thaw cycling
  • Thermal expansion and shock resistance
  • Stain and chemical resistance
  • Slip resistance and static coefficient of friction
  • Movement and expansion of joints


There is no doubt that glass tile is very desirable, contemporary, vibrant and sustainable design feature for most of the construction projects. However, before you decide to install them you need to know the following things –

  • Make sure that the environment for which you are going to use glass tiles are right and sustainable in the long run.
  • Choose the right material for its installation that are suitable for glass tiles
  • There are certain differences between ceramic tiles and glass tiles. Therefore, before installation you must understand the right procedure to install them for your project
  • Do some research about glass tiles as there are plenty of sources available these days? Choose those tiles that suit your premises.


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