Choose the Best Option for Your Basement Stairs

Do you feel it is time for serious changes, for a total floor renovation even on your basement stairs? Are you looking for the best existing alternative? Check over here what option is a good idea for your stairs.

  • Carpet

It is the warmest and the most welcoming idea plus a great option for your basement stairs renovation to prevent your little kids running up and down the stairs, from tripping and falling on more slippery options. However, it is not very durable choice since rough foot traffic.

–       Wood

Being an incredibly popular solution, wood stairs always have an elegant look either in finished, stained option or in an unfinished one for a more rustic basement. A wide range of available budget-friendly options is sure to make a statement in any basement home.

  • Tiled

Such choice can help you give off a more eclectic style. The surface is easy to clean and maintain, although this can be one of the more expensive options for your updated stairs.

–       Cement

Modern floor renovation cannot sidestep cement basement floors with high-gloss finishes, that are easy to clean and very budget friendly and ideal for a workshop or a project

  • Rubber

Instead of creating a more luxurious finished environment, this affordable, ultra-durable and easy to wash floor is the newer option for your floor renovation perfect for projects, exercising or crafts.

  • Laminate

The best solution for many reasons as it is very durable and easier to clean. Instead of carpet, which is a favourite place for mud and stains, laminate flooring on stairs does not have this issue, as it is easier to use a damp rag on dirty areas. It can successfully hold up to the damage of a high foot traffic. Besides, a damaged piece of laminate is very easy to repair or replace. Laminate flooring on stairs is nearly indistinguishable from real wood, as it actually resembles the natural wood. The price for laminate flooring is rather budget-friendly. Besides, the quality of laminate has improved in recent years, so you can get the same good look of exotic hardwood at affordable price. The simplicity of installation of laminate flooring on stairs makes your floor renovation popular with DIY fans.

Nevertheless, tastes differ and all options are possible and rather affordable for your desired basement renovation in Toronto!






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