Effective Ways to Keep Cats Out of your Garden

Keeping the cat out of your garden is possible. As much as you like cats and the same time you love plants in your garden, there are ways to ensure that cats do not visit the garden. Cats usually destroy the plants in the garden and give you more work by repairing it always. The efficient method to keep away cat away from the garden is by using strong powerful scents. Check out the information below.

  • Planting plants with a strong, potent smell


Cats always do not like plants with a strong scent, and they will not have time to visit because of disgusting smell. You should plant herbs with potent smell around the garden and surrounding storage buildings so that cats do not visit. Some of the plants with potent smell include ruse, thorny roses, lavender, geranium, and lemon thyme.


  • Using dried herbs and scented oil


In case you do not want to plant herbs with a potent smell, then the easier way is to spray scented oils or dried herbs into the garden. The dried herbs are available in many local shops. Example of dried herbs is the lavender and rose. These dried herbs are also available in online stores like eBay and Amazon. Some of the essential oils that scare way cats in the garden are citronella, lemongrass, citrus, eucalyptus, and lavender oil. The other way is that you can crush cayenne pepper at home and spray into the garden.


  • Using peel of citrus fruits


Another effective way is using peels of citrus fruits in the garden. You scatter them in the garden, also, make sure you use both fresh and dried peels. The citrus fruits you can use is oranges, lemons, and grapefruits. You do not have to worry about these citrus fruits because they will not put your cat in danger. It will only make the cat unappealing to visit the garden.


  • Scattering coffee grounds and pipe tobacco


Additionally, if you are using tobacco or you know someone who has it, then gather them and spread them in your garden. It will help a lot because the cat does not like the scent of tobacco. Another way is using the coffee grounds and scatter them around the garden in the soil. The cat finds the smell of coffee disgusting.

  • Using a repellent with the urine of a predator


These car deterrents are found in many local shops, but it is important to use natural urine of fox and other predatory animals. The best thing about the urine of predatory animals is that it will scare away rats and squirrels too. Ensure that you follow all the instructions that experts provide.


  • Using your own hair


Gather your hair from brush or combs and scatter it in the garden. There are many theories and research that cats do not like human hair. Trim your hair and spread in your garden and watch. The cat will not find its way to the garden.


These methods will guarantee you from preventing cats to your garden. It is hard to tell which method is more efficient than the other. The only way to choose the best method depends on the size of the area you are planning to stop cats from. All the above will stop the cats from going to the garden because of the smell.


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