Factors to Consider When Choosing a Boiler Repair Company in Winnipeg

It is the responsibility of building owners, facility managers and homeowners to ensure that the boilers in their properties are working properly at all times. Boilers ensure that the home or building occupants have a steady supply of hot water. To ensure that the boiler is working properly, it is your responsibility as a property owner to hire the services of a reliable boiler repair company. These service providers will ensure that your boiler works efficiently for many years. Read on to learn the things to look for when choosing a company for boiler repair in Winnipeg.

Years in Business

The number of years a boiler repair company has been in business determines their experience. Ask how long a potential company has been in this business and choose those with many years of experience. This is a competitive business and no company would last long if their services were less than perfect. Besides, experienced boiler and furnace installation/repair companies have a reputation to protect and will not risk ruining it with mediocre services.


The company you hire for boiler repair in Winnipeg should have the appropriate documents to operate, and in particular, a license from the relevant authorities. A license assures you that the company in question has attained the relevant qualifications to engage in this type of business. Licensed service providers are more likely to meet your expectations, compared to the unlicensed ones.


This is another important thing to look for when choosing a boiler repair service. Reliable companies in this field will have both liability and workers’ compensation insurance. These policies protect you from assuming liability in case something bad happens, causing property damage or injury. Insured service providers might be more expensive than the uninsured ones, but you will have a peaceful mind knowing that you will not be liable in case of an accident.

Cost of the Repair

Price is also an essential factor to consider when choosing a company that offers boiler repair in Winnipeg. Determine how much you are willing to spend and find a company whose cost falls within your budget. However, be careful to avoid compromising quality service for the promise of cheaper prices. If you find a company that you like, but they have higher prices than you can afford, consider bargaining a little. This way, you will get high quality furnace installation and repair services at affordable rates.

Customer Service

A reliable furnace installation and repair company will always treat clients respectfully, while also offering professional services. Companies that offer professional services will be ready to address your needs, including emergencies. Take note of how the company representative answers your questions and how long they take to respond to your calls and emails.

A boiler is a crucial investment that makes your home or commercial property comfortable by providing the occupants with hot water. It is important to hire a reliable boiler repair company in order to keep this equipment functional at all times. Therefore, make sure to follow the above tips to find a reliable company offering boiler repair in Winnipeg.

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