How Plumbing Pipe Clogs Can Affect You and The Best Ways to Solve Them

Every household should have a clean and reliable source of water. Having this benefit will allow you to accomplish a lot of your tasks at home with utmost ease. Without the presence of an accessible source of water, your daily tasks in your house will be severely compromised. This one of the many reasons why your house’s plumbing system and all of its corresponding components should be at its best.

Otherwise, you would get sick with the use of this contaminated water. To prevent your water usage to affect you negatively, your plumbing pipes should be free from dirt and debris. If you are in a situation where you water usage is affected, you might need professional plumbing pipe repair services to help you out.

The danger in your plumbing pipes

Essentially, the main function of plumbing pipes is to provide a means of transportation of water from its source to various fixtures in your house. This network of pipes is laid out in hidden parts of your residence to better serve you. As such, the possibility of these pipes accumulating a lot of debris, dirt, and other harmful elements isn’t far off.

When this happens, you can expect the water pressure coming out of your faucets or showerheads to be weaker. At the same time, the quality of water you’re using is poor and full of harmful bacteria. This contaminated will be the reason for several diseases on your end. As a result, you will lose precious time and money in getting better once you get sick from this contaminated water.

What you should know is that the clogging process inside these pipes takes a long time. The accumulation of sludge, dirt, debris, and various minerals has been gradual. Once these things accumulate inside your pipes, the flow of water into different plumbing fixtures will be affected. Worse, this clog can totally block the flow of water or severely damage the pipe and cause leaks inside your house.

Cleaning your pipes using a power-rodding method

Basically, you will use a thin cable made out of durable metal to slide into your plumbing pipes. This cable is pushed further into these pipes until it has reached the location of the clog. When this happens, the end of the metal, which has a sharp end, will be used to cut through the material that’s clogging the pipes. This thin metal cable is also connected to a motor that will vibrate its sharp end to better remove the clog.

After this particular process has cut the clog into many pieces, it will be easy to flush it out of your plumbing pipes. With the removal of these materials, you can now enjoy a better and cleaner flow of water.

Cleaning your pipes using the hydro-jetting method

As opposed to the previous method of cleaning a pipe, a hydro-jet mechanism is far more modern. What this method does is use highly-pressurized water to push materials clogging your pipes.

As a matter of fact, the nozzle head of a hydro-jetting machine releases around 3,500 of pressurized water to effectively get rid of any clogs. This strong stream of water will definitely cut through any hard clog like a hot knife against a slab of butter.

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