How to Coordinate Colours in a Living room

One of the best room to decorate is the living room. It’s the room where you relax, snuggle up and watch a film on a Sunday afternoon or entertain your friends on a Friday night. The space should be versatile, feel balanced and have your personality running through and through to make it your own.

Start with a Neutral Foundation

Take all the furniture and accessories out of the room and paint it with a crisp grey or neutral beige tone. Test all the colours you like on the wall first and ensure you’re 100% happy with your final choice. Paint always look different out of the pot and the ones your weren’t sure about could really surprise you. Look at the colours in the day light, in artificial light and night time as they do look different in all circumstances.

Continue with Neutral Theme

Choosing neutral furniture will allow you to fill your room with bright and colourful accessories. A basic space lets you build on what’s already there and doesn’t leave you confined to a certain pattern or colour scheme. If you’ve gone for white walls you don’t necessarily have to accompany them with a bright white sofa. A soft grey tone will work just as well.


Lay the Walkway

Although choosing the right flooring can be stressful and take a long time, it is absolutely worth it. Flooring completes the vibe of the entire room and also adds value to your property, should you wish to sell it. When picking a floor type, you need to be considerate of many things. Depending on how busy the room is will depend on the floor you go for. If you have a busy and active house, Engineered wood flooring may be for you. Its durable, versatile, relatively easy to care for and looks just like the real thing! Paired with bright walls, a deep colour will give you the perfect contrast.

Rug it out

So we’ve got the walls, the furniture and the flooring. So what next? Rugs of course! Your very first accessory for your new haven. You may already have a rug that would look perfect in your living space, perfect! If not, you can’t go wrong with quality. It may cost a little more but a well made and durable rug will last for years to come! Order some samples from online retailers and place them where you would like your rug. This way you can see the way the colour compliments or contrasts the walls and the flooring and it will give you a better idea of the colour you want to work with.


Now the fun part! Accessories and soft furnishings are the cherry on top of your design cake. Go crazy! Get photos up on the wall and on the side. Buy the bookcase you’ve always wanted to showcase your favourite reads. Add loads of colour with pillows, blankets and candles. Shop around for unique designs and styles, you might find some really special pieces that you didn’t know you needed until now!

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