Quartz Countertops Are The Best For Your Kitchen And Bathroom

Quartz, a mineral, has oxygen and silicon atom. Well, this mineral is found in the earth’s continental crust and is the second most abundant one. Quartz is available in different forms and varieties. They can be found in the shape of semi-precious gemstones. It is used in hardstone carvings as well as jewelry making. Kitchens sometimes start looking boring because you spend quite some time there. There comes a time when you start getting bored with your surroundings. Perhaps that’s the time to change these surroundings. So, what can be the best way to change that? Well, you should try quartz countertops. It will give your kitchen as well as bathroom a stunning, lush look and a cool surface.


Most people have laminated countertops that get dull with the passage of time. They, for sure, need up gradation. Quartz is a natural mineral but a quartz countertop is different. Unlike granite and marble, it is engineered after it is extracted out of mountains. After it is taken to the laboratory, it is mixed with resin. So a quartz countertop is 93% quartz and 7 % resin. This engineering allows companies to diversify quartz designs. There are quartz which look like granite. Then there are quartz which look just like marbles. They have veins just like a marble has. The mixing process is of great importance. Any kind of color and design can be formed there. You name it and Arch City Granite & Marble center has it. All colors are available. Lots of designs are available.

Quartz is durable. If we look at the Mohs Hardness Scale which ranks geological surfaces in terms of hardness, quartz has got the seventh rank. Quartz and granite are quite similar when it comes to hardness. That’s why it is safe to assume that quartz can bear normal stress and side-effects of everyday use. One important and unique feature of quartz is that it doesn’t require sealants. Other stone tops need sealant for maintenance of their beauty. You have to use sealants with granite countertops. But when it comes to quartz you don’t need one. They are really dense hence are not in need of a sealant. So quartz countertops will make you free of worries. There is no need to take care of its maintenance. That’s how quartz countertops have an edge over other countertops in the market.


If you have made up your mind by now to install quartz countertops and are looking to buy quartz countertops st peters, Arch City Granite & Marble Inc is the best place to go to. Its form is attractive. quartz is the best mineral for your kitchen and bathroom. Due to its durability it will last longer in bathrooms where moisture levels in the air are high. But if in case you come to Arch City and cannot find quartz countertops of your choice, do not lose heart. They have other variety in stores. You can select from marble, soapstone and granite countertops. Arch City has amazing countertops, just what you are looking for.


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