The Top Three Moving and Packing Tips You should Remember when Preparing for a Move

Ask anyone who has gone through the great ordeal before, and they will inevitably confirm that preparing for a move – and going through it – is not something to be taken lightly. As a matter of fact, it can be a very stressful experience. Moving your personal belongings from one place to another (and making sure that everything goes without a hitch) is no joke.   On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be that hard; it’s all a matter of understanding what needs to be done and of preparing in advance. Is moving day right around the corner? You don’t need to worry – the experts have great advice. Here are the top three moving and packing tips you should remember when preparing for a move.   Think ahead   There will be a lot of work – much more than you initially expect, so think ahead and start early. Here are some hints:

  • Make a priority list of the packing.
  • Go from room to room, and make an inventory.
  • Get all your supplies ahead of time – boxes, tape, labels, bubble wrap, and so on. You’ll probably need more than you anticipate.
  • Start saving plenty of old newspapers as soon as possible.

Pack well   Pack no more than 15 kilos per box – this will save you lots of time when moving, and it will be much easier on your back. Don’t fill the box to the fullest. Use socks, pillow covers, blankets, and other materials as shock dampers. Place the heaviest items at the bottom. Label all your boxes carefully.   Prepare for your first few nights   It will be impossible to prepare your ideal home on the first or even second night; it will take time to unpack and arrange everything the way you want it. Hence, it’s good to think of the first few nights as a camping trip: prepare plenty of items you would need in the woods. Toilet paper, toiletries, silverware and plastic plates, and so on. Pack it separately and bring it yourself. You won’t regret it, as confirmed by the moving specialists from removal companies Cheltenham like Advanced Removals & Storage.   Here’s one more hint that could save you a lot of trouble during the day itself: help the removals company, and help them help you. Help the removals company by drawing out a roadmap to the new home, and label the boxes adequately in three ways: first according to whether or not the items within the box are breakable or need special care, secondly by labeling the boxes according to which room they should go to, and third by labeling the boxes according to ownership and contents. And help them help you; ask them what you can do to make their job easier. It will ensure much smoother sailing down the road.  

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