Tips for Keeping Spiders Away in Freehold New Jersey

There is nothing worse than coming home to a house filled with little, creepy spiders. Spiders can fill the inside of your home faster than your can even imagine. The best solution for removing an infestation of spiders is to call Pointe Pest Control in Freehold New Jersey. A certified pest control company will be able to remove the spiders in your home and set your up for success in the future.


Once your spiders have been removed, there are some small things that you can do to keep spiders from trying to come back inside. You probably have no idea that there are items in your home that you use everyday that spiders hate and will do anything to avoid. These items can be to your advantage if you are aware of them and know how to use them in your favor.

Tips for Keeping your Home Spider Free

There are three things that the average homeowner almost always will have readily available inside of their home that can fight off spiders with ease. It is never a good idea to try and deal with an infestation with a DIY solution, but there is no harm in preventing spiders with some DIY ideas. The three things that are likely in your home that you can use to deter spiders are:


  1. Vinegar
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Dryer Sheets


Spiders despise Vinegar. In fact, they will do anything to avoid having to be near vinegar. Many people say that if you spray vinegar near where spiders are entering your home that they will not enter your home. After you have had a pest control expert remove all of the spiders from your home you, you can spray vinegar around your home where you think your spiders are coming from and keep the away longer.


Baking soda is good for so many things! It is almost surprising all of the things that you can use baking soda for. Spiders do not appreciate baking soda and will not get anywhere near it. If they do get near it and they eat some of it, they will die. Baking soda is basically harmless and will not affect your family. Leaving baking soda around your home is a good way make spider think twice.


Dryer sheets have an interesting chemical in them that kills spiders. Spiders can sense that dryer sheets are not good for them and they will try and avoid them. If they do happen upon them and eat some of the sheet, they will die. It is a good idea to leave dryer sheets around your home where you think spiders are entering to keep them from coming inside. Just drop a dryer sheet where you think they are coming in and see a drop in the number of spiders that you see inside of your home.




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