Tips to Keep Your Vacation Home Safe While Your Gone

Boy in super hero costume in front of ranch-style house with parents


Boy in super hero costume in front of ranch-style house with parents

Having a summer home is definitely a dream many people hope to achieve at some point in their lives. Thankfully, you have found a way to do this, but now you have to worry about the time you do not spend in this house. The following are a few things you can consider to ensure your summer home stays safe and remains the sanctuary it is meant to be. 

Temporary Rental

One thing you can do with your summer house is rent it out. There are a lot of people looking to rent a vacation house for the holidays or work. The only hiccup is you have to make sure your home is always occupied as this helps keep your house safe. Be sure to rent the house at a reasonable price to ensure people actually look at your house as a possibility. 

Home Sitting

Those who feel like it is too much work to put up their house to be rented could go the house-sitting route. Renting out a house does take a considerable amount of work, from staging the house to finding the ideal renter. All of this takes time, and who wants to deal with that? Sure, you get a little money on the side, but some people do not have the time. This is the reason house-sitters are a good option. All you have to do is talk to a house-sitting agency who vets potential sitters for you to ensure they are trustworthy people. These individuals stay in your summer house until you are ready to come back at which point they just leave, which is great. 

Home Security

You know that burglaries happen, which is part of the reason you are doing what you can to protect your vacation home while you are not there. Potential burglars may find out that no one is home for long stretches of time, which makes it important for you to contact a good security system company. Some of the suggestions mentioned earlier may keep people inside your house, but you still need a little extra protection. A professional security company is going to install state-of-the-art security features like security cameras, and have a team of professionals continue to monitor your home while you are not there. 

Rent the Driveway

One last trick to consider is renting out your driveway. Potential burglars will see a car parked in the driveway of a house and imagine that people are inside of it. This is a good deterrent, and it helps keep a house safe. You want to rent out your driveway to people who are in need of long-term parking. There are a lot of people who need long-term parking spaces when they are traveling or if their vehicle is not in working condition. Your home offers a sanctuary from high-priced parking lots and city parking enforcement, so consider this as one of your options. 

Hopefully, some of these ideas make it easier for you to keep your vacation home safe and secure. This is as much about protecting your property as it is about making sure you feel at peace when you are not in your vacation home. Keep in mind that these are just some ideas. You can also lend your house to a family member or friend if you want.


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