Turning the Storage Shed into A Useful Design

If you have a shed in your back yard, you might think that the only thing that you can do with it is to store garden supplies and items that linger in the yard. While this is a scenario, there are other uses for you shed that will leave extra space in the home and some that might give you a bit of privacy.

Tiny Home or Room

You’ve probably seen television shows that feature tiny houses. It seems like there’s only enough space in them to turn around, but with the right design, they are functional and offer plenty of space for one or two people. You can turn a shed into a guest house that family members or visitors can stay in when they visit instead of sending them to a hotel. Install a few windows, paint the outside, and add decorations that make the shed feel like home. You might need to carefully arrange furniture inside the sheds in CO that you get, but it will offer a nice retreat from other options that are available.

Office Space

If you work from home, then you know that an office inside the house can be distracting. Convert your shed into a relaxing office where you can get work done during the day. Paint the inside of the shed in stimulating colors that will make you want to get work done. A change in what you see each day, even if you’re still in the back yard of your home, can sometimes make it easier to focus on work and make it feel like you’ve left home to go to your job.

Fun Caves

There are man-caves and she-caves that people have built across the country. These are sheds or rooms in the home that have been converted to areas just for that person to enjoy. Sometimes, you might want to invite your friends over to watch something on television or to talk about the day. Your shed can easily be converted into one of these caves by adding decorations that you enjoy and the amenities that you need, such as a television or stereo system. You could also include a few video games if you want to have something to play while you’re in your own little world.


An idea for the storage shed if you have kids would be to turn it into a playhouse. Design the house to look like a real one so that they can pretend to cook and do some of the other things that you might do inside the home. You could add a bookshelf or a space where they could have a few toys to play with while they are in the house.

Garden Supplies

The traditional use of a shed is to store garden supplies. Take the time to organize the inside of the shed a bit so that you know where to find everything that you need. Add a few shelves for the smaller items and items that you know you’re going to need right away.


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