What Are the Advantages of Shower Pods?

What is a shower pod? It’s a self-contained shower cubicle that you can install in the bathroom without any additional need of waterproofing – the water is contained in the pod and drains away from the self-contained unit. Shower pods are increasingly popular with people completing a bathroom remodel and there are many advantages to fitting a shower pod or shower cubicle in your bathroom. Here are just a few of the benefits:


Small Size, Small Footprint

Modern shower pods are suitable for even the smallest bathrooms since you can find shower pods with a very small footprint. You just need some wall space to place it against, but you don’t need much room. For people with a small main bathroom or small ensuite/ guest bathroom, a shower pod makes a handy addition. They are excellent when you have no room for a tub, or when you have more room but you want both a bath and a shower.


Save Time in the Bathroom

You surely can’t beat a shower when it comes to getting ready in double-quick time. You may like a bath to relax but when you have to get out of the door in the morning in a hurry, a shower is the way to go. A small shower pod turns your bathroom into the place to get sorted out for a day at work. If you have a shower pod in addition to a bath and a sink you can also save time because one person in the family can be taking a shower while the other uses the mirror, for example.


Efficient and Smart

Shower pods make use of a small amount of space and often come with handy shelving or storage compartments inside where you can place shampoo bottles and soap. It is also always going to be easier to have a shower inside a shower pod than it is in an over-bath shower, since you don’t have to worry about water spilling out onto the bath mat which you will then have to clean up.


Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Having a self-contained shower pod helps to cut down on the problem of water getting into different places in the bathroom, which could result in a build-up of mould or mildew. Shower pods are also easy to clean and maintain, which is convenient when you want a bathroom that largely takes care of itself when it comes to cleaning. Choose a shower pod that is constructed from easy-clean glass that you can wipe clean with just a small amount of effort. Choose a shower pod that is constructed from easy-clean glass that you can wipe clean with just a small amount of effort. You can also find shower pods that have easy-to-clean door mechanisms.



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