Where and How Can You Get R22 Substitutes?

In the next couple of years, you might be forced to revisit the kind of air conditioner system you are using. Most of the current systems that were bought some seven or more years ago are based on a refrigerant called r22. You might not be aware of this, but your cooling system relies on the coolant which is a fluid that moves through the system to absorb the heat in your room and makes the air cool. Without this fluid, your air conditioner is useless and that underlines how important it is.

Nowadays, you can get several types of refrigerants and most of the systems you buy today will specify the kind that they are based on. Over the years, r22 has been prevalent, but some valid concerns were raised on how these systems affected the environment. The refrigerant is not only utilized in ac systems but also in other devices that cool things such as refrigerators and deep chests. The popular r22 freon was launched as the best option for these cooling devices, but it was later discovered that it has a considerable impact on the environment. We are protected from the harmful UV rays by the ozone layer which is a transparent membrane that filters out specific rays that are harmful. Being exposed to the direct sun rays is dangerous, and it can lead to eye problems while exposing people to the risk of skin cancer.

The EPA and other notable parties agreed to phase out the use of this refrigerant which was being used widely, and as of 2020, no one will be allowed to import and sell it. This has dramatically affected homeowners as they are supposed to go and get systems that are based on other types of coolants, something that might give some people an issue to worry An excellent. Most people are worried about where they will get these r22 replacement options since they might have never even heard of them before. Well, these replacements are available, and all you need to know is where to go for it so that you do not start struggling once the time for a recharge comes and you are stuck on where to get your tank of r421a.

Local Dealer

You might worry over where you will get your replacements but remember that the ban has also affected your local air conditioning expert. These people need to stay in business, and they cannot continue stocking up with the r22 refrigerant, which is also diminishing in supply as time moves on. Your expert understands that most of the systems in the next decade will be based on the r22 alternatives and need to get their stocks up as people will now be looking for these replacements and not r22. The price of r22 has become high over the years, and it has become hard to come across it, as most dealers have opted to start preparing for life after the phase-out.

Getting the r22 replacements from your local expert is very easy, and all you have to do is to contact them and ask if they have the one you are using in stock. If they are the ones who installed your system, they would ideally go ahead and look for the coolant and come to do the recharge for you. If you are a DIY enthusiast and prefer to conduct such repairs on your own, you will be required to go over to their store and get the coolant by yourself.


In this age, most purchases are being made online, and you can get your r22 replacement on the web. The advantage of doing it this way is that you get several options and analyze them before settling on the best choice for you.

One possible way of going about it is clicking on the website of your regular online retailer who deals with a wide variety of commodities and checking if they have it in stock. Some of the major retailers understand that people need these coolants and will probably have them in stock. If they do not have it, you could take the other way and opt to find a specialized online dealer who sells refrigerants exclusively. Such dealers are the best option since they might have all the possible r22 replacements in stock and you can hardly miss out your coolant of choice here. If they are located far away, you might be forced to pay extra and have the coolant shipped to your place. The web has several such dealers, and it is prudent to do some digging and find out more information about a dealer in question before committing to buy the coolant from them. The web is not made of up of a perfect and genuine group of users, and it is common to come across people who might want to con you.

A good way of ascertaining that you are dealing with a genuine dealer is by checking out if there have been people who have bought this refrigerant from them before. If you come across such people, try and see what they have to say in the form of reviews which will give you an accurate picture of the dealer in question. Keep in mind that some retailers might come up with fake reviews, and you should trust the ones that have been posted on independent review site.

Getting a particular r22 replacement on the web is very simple if you have ever bought anything online. All you have to do is to click on it, put it on the shopping cart and then check out. A good online retail site will specify the terms and condition and then include the shipment fee so that you know what you are paying for.

Finding a replacement for r22 such as bluon new tdx 20 is not hard and you should not be afraid to switch from an old system to a new one based on other refrigerants. However, it is prudent that you do enough research as some coolants are expensive and buying a system that uses it might not be the best thing to do.

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