Working with a Small Garden: Some Design Ideas

A small garden area is always a bit of a challenge. You can’t add too many elements to the garden, but you can’t keep the space empty either. What you want is a nice balance between functional patio furniture, beds of plants in certain areas, a green and healthy lawn, and other features to complete the garden design.

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While working with a small garden can be challenging, it is not impossible to create a beautiful front or back garden when you have limited space to work with. You just have to know how to utilize the space intelligently, and we have the best tips to use in this article.

Scale Everything Down

Scale is one of the most important tools to use when you’re designing a small garden, especially if you want to make the garden appear bigger than it really is. By keeping every element at a similar scale, you can create the illusion of more space.

You can start by choosing furniture and features that are scaled properly. When adding a pathway or a water feature, for instance, choose the elements based on a certain scale. You want the granite boulder cobbles and the paving slabs you use to be moderately sized.

The same goes for garden furniture. It may be tempting to get a big grill and a large outdoor dining table set for the garden, but they will instantly make the space look smaller. Instead of opting for bigger furniture, maintain a more consistent scale with smaller patio furniture.

Play with Reflections

Mirrors are your friends when it comes to adding space to a small garden. Reflections can help make the illusion of space even more pronounced, especially when the mirrors are placed properly. That said, adding mirrors to the garden is something you want to do with extra care.

First, you want to make sure you use mirrors designed for outdoor use. They are designed to be more durable and will not age as quickly as indoor mirrors. Next, be sure to add decals and place the mirrors carefully so that you don’t end up endangering birds and other creatures.

Lastly, frame the mirrors to blend them nicely with the rest of the garden. Placing a mirror at the end of a shelf with bonsai or other small plants is a great way to start.

Leave Enough Space

The last thing you want to do with a small garden is filling it with too many elements. It is easy to turn a beautiful garden into a cramped space once you start adding too many items to the area. What you want to do instead is leave enough space around the garden to make it appear more spacious.

Sufficient lawn space is a great idea. You can also use gravel or elevated areas to further enhance the illusion of space around the garden. When executed correctly, this tip and the previous ones we covered in this article will make working with a small garden a lot easier.

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