Determining the Effectiveness of Industrial Evaporative Air Coolers

Judging from the name, Evaporative air cooler promotes cooling by the use of water. Its unique cooling is described as the cooling breeze we typically feel the moment we step out of the swimming pool. That is essentially what natural evaporative cooling process at work. This evaporating water indicates the reducing temperature of air particles right when it comes in contact with liquid water.

Referred to as endothermic reaction, the water that it comes contact with simultaneously turn into gas. It then automatically lowers the adjacent air molecules’ temperature. This particular principle used by evaporative air cooling system shows that it operates by utilizing the following key ingredients:

  • Water
  • Wetted surface
  • Pump


The pump itself sucks in air particles found across the water before lowering it temperature. It’s simply operated by an intricate mechanical control system that is located within the system’s cooler machine. As result, the rotating fan will then distribute the cooled air to the space it’s intended. Knowing how evaporative air cooling system works undoubtedly helps our understanding on the subject. However, when it comes to choosing the an industrial evaporative air coolers, its effectiveness is often questioned.

How effective is evaporative air cooling system?

Evaporative air cooling systems are available to use in any setting – whether it be residential setting, or industrial setting. Also known as swamp cooler, this cooling system uses heat generated from outdoor air in order to trigger the evaporative process. This is the primary reason evaporative air cooling system is an ideal choice for those living in dry climates. Simply because areas with such temperature offers plenty dry air to convert into cooled, fresh air.

Dry climate is not the only factor to consider, however. Customers must also pay attention to its overall temperature levels and humidity levels before making a final decision. Another factor that contributes to its effectiveness is, without a doubt, the size of it. Evaporative air cooling systems to use in a residential building are obviously not the same with the one intended for industrial setting. The effectiveness of this type of cooler undoubtedly also lies in its size.

How to properly calculate the size of coolers for intended space

The cooling power of an industrial air cooling system is undoubtedly based on the amount of air flow that it’s capable of generating. For exactly this reason, this particular cooling system is categorized by air flow and is rated differently. See the following section for explanation:

  • Cube meters per hour, also referred to as its abbreviated form, CMH.
  • Cubic meters per minute, also referred to as CMM.
  • As well as, cubic feet per minute, or referred to as CFM.

Such calibration indicates the total amount of air that the air cooling system is able to move or pump per unit time. The size of space that users are targeting undoubtedly determines users’ choice. However, not everyone of them is aware of how to properly calculate the size of coolers needed. As a good rule of thumb, one will require a machine calibration which size is roughly half the target space’s air flow area.

Such estimation is typically used to help users determine their choice of machine for enclosed area. However, this is not to say that it can only be used in an enclosed area. Quite the contrary, the less enclosed the area you area targeting is, the more powerful the evaporative cooler you need. To calculate the machine you need, see the following section.

If your target area has measurement of 10 x 10 x 5 which results in 500m3 total area, you may want to check the air exchange per hour. For example, if total air exchange per hour is 20 times, the total amount of air that will be replace every hour would be 10,000m3. To get this result, you must multiply the total area by the total amount of air exchange per hour. By multiplying 500m3 by 20 times, you will find the effective cooler unit for your space is one with 10,000 CMH rating.

How to properly choose the best industrial air coolers

In order to ensure the stability of performance and operation, industrial setting requires top-notch maintenance system. Your industrial evaporative air cooling system is not an exception. This important appliance requires proper maintenance to maintain its efficiency and effectiveness. This factor takes us to our next point, to choose the best industrial grade coolers, customers must be well educated on what to look for in an evaporative cooling system. See factors below to consider.

  • Budget

This is perhaps the most important factor that users focus on. Different brands undoubtedly come with largely varying rates. If there is an advice we may give you is to go for a brand that offers moderate rates but is also highly reputable. Never let cost be the reason to sacrifice quality and reputation.

  • Installation mechanism

When you purchase the coolers from reputable companies, they often offer free installation as a bonus fo their customers. Be sure to check whether they offer this perks. If they do not, you may have to allocate extra budget to contract professionals to install your Industrial evaporative air cooler.


Importance of Professional Pest Control Service

We all dislike the presence of pests around us and they surely make us feel irritated and disgusted. Each and every place should be kept free from pests as they cause unwanted health problems. Pest Control has become an important aspect of housekeeping with each and every person willing to stay away from bugs. A professional pest control is a must nowadays if one wants to keep the house clean and free of pests. Pests can be dangerous to self and family as they spread deadly diseases and damage belongings. So the need to eliminate them is very high.


Home is a place of safety, so a proper and perfect pest control is important to protect it from unwanted intruders. Pests usually enter the house through holes in windows and doors; they are usually present in a herd. So if you randomly spot a cockroach or a rat in your house then beware there are others too. We have seen people making a lot of efforts to keep their houses pest free, but all in vain. We all have tried sprays, liquids etc to no avail. There are many chemicals available in the market all of which claim to work as pesticides, but they are generally not that effective. But the truth is, over the time the pests become immune to a particular type of spray/chemical. And again we are not professionals, so the work should be left for professional service providers.

We have a lot of companies providing professional pest control services in Texas, but choosing the best is a task. Today there are numerous companies providing the best services but you have to select the best out of them after comparing various attributes. The experience which the company possesses, services provided, price, reputation in the industry, guarantee, future support etc are some of the major attributes which can help you in choosing the professional pest control.

And with digitalization, there is abundant information available on the online space, which you can browse yourself and look for the best pest control company. We all are very much aware that the multiplication of pests happens at a very rapid rate, so a pest control company usually comes again and again until they are totally eliminated. The pest control services in Texas have skilled professionals who are equipped with the knowledge of handling the equipments. They make sure that you and your family are not subjected to any of such harmful toxic chemicals.

The companies are highly trained in this field, so they have the required knowledge about which chemical to use for a particular pest. This makes the process very rapid and effective at a very nominal charge. This leads to the removal of the unwanted pests without creating a hole in your pocket.

So what are you waiting for? If you are also facing the problem then without giving it a second thought call the best professional pest control company before it’s too late.

What You Should Know About Using Water Descalers

Water scale is a result of minerals (calcium and magnesium) that are present in the water. Hard water contains a higher percentage or concentration of minerals than soft water. As the water comes into contact with surfaces, these minerals are left behind, causing a scale build-up.

Hard water can result in a variety of problems, commonly causing a build-up of residue in pipes, water heating systems, washing machines, dish washers, kettles, boilers and any other appliances that require a flow of water. This can result in ineffective drainage or even blocked pipes. It can also result in water heaters ineffectively heating water and damage the water heater causing it malfunction, draw more power to heat water or even breakdown. Hard water can make detergents less effective.

Water softeners are traditionally used to treat hard water, prevent and get rid of scale. These softeners normally add sodium (salt) to the water which ionizes the water preventing minerals from attaching to surfaces. This ionization process is effective in preventing scale build-up to a certain degree but is not as effective at removing scale that already exists.

A water descaler on the other hand are very effective at preventing and eliminating scale build-up. These descalers work by creating an electronic charge around the water pipes which prevents the minerals from becoming attached to surfaces, effectively keeping the calcium and magnesium in the water. They therefore do not actually soften the water but prevent scale and work to descale surfaces.

These electric descalers will start descaling surfaces immediately after installation. However, it may take time for the process to become noticeable or for the scale to be removed entirely. This is largely dependent on the period of time that the scale has had to build-up. The longer the scale has been present and the greater the extent of the problem, the longer the process will take to remove the scale.

It is therefore recommended to install a descaler in areas that have hard water with a high mineral content. The sooner the descaler is installed, the quicker it will be able to deliver optimal results. Not installing a water softening or descaling system may result in the need to replace appliances, pipes and water heating systems that have become damaged or inoperable due to the scale build-up.

The water descaling system should be installed at the point where the water enters the home, before the pipes branch off into different areas of the home. This will mean that all water entering the home will be effectively treated. This point is normally located at the main water switch or at the water meter on the property. It is therefore an effective means to treat an entire household’s water supply, no matter how large or small the home is.

The system is quite easy to install and does not require the expertise of a plumber or electrician. However, if you are unsure, it is best to have the system professionally installed to ensure that it is functioning correctly and that there are no problems. Working with water and electricity can create a number of problems so it is always best to take precautions when installing an electric water descaling system.

One of the greatest benefits of using an electric water descaler rather than a water softening system is that it does not require the constant addition of sodium or other chemicals to function. It should not require any maintenance after it has been installed.

Most systems will provide you with information regarding any malfunction via a read-out on a LED screen. This will allow you to rectify any problems quickly and easily. However, if you cannot fix the problem or the unit continues to malfunction, it is recommended to call in a plumber or water descaling installation and repair expert to resolve the issue.

Electric descalers are generally very energy efficient and draw only a small amount of power. You should therefore not notice much difference in your monthly power and utilities bill after the system has been installed.

These descalers are effective on different types of materials including copper, iron and a variety of plastic water pipes that are commonly used for hot and cold water in the home. It is therefore ideal for treating hard water in older homes as well as new homes or where plumbing has been updated.

The water descaler should function effectively for a number of years without the requirement of any type of servicing or maintenance. However, like most appliances and electric equipment, it does have a limited lifespan. Check up on the system every now and again to ensure that it is functioning and does not need to be replaced.

The treated water is safe to drink, keeping in mind that it has not actually been “softened” and the mineral content will not have been affected. In fact, the calcium and magnesium that is present in drinking water is essential to provide the required nutritional value of these minerals to the human body and prevent a deficiency.

It is important to ensure that the descaling system that you choose meets with the required safety standards. The system should be leak proof and prevent the water and electricity from ever coming into contact with one another. It may be advisable to connect the system to the earth leakage in the home so that it will shut off the power supply should any problems occur. It is recommended to have an expert electrician or plumber connect the system to the main earth leakage in your home.

If you are unsure whether you may have a hard water problem, you can have the water tested by your local utilities department or the department of health in your area. Alternatively, you can ask your local descaling water system expert to test your water and recommend the ideal system to install in your home. There are a variety of electric water descalers available on the market and it is advisable to weigh up the pros and cons as well as cost of each before making a purchase.

Why Landlords Should Consider Hiring Landscaping Contractors

Most landlords go for the DIY option when it comes to projects on their landscapes. But what if you don’t have the skill, designs, time, and resources to come up with a beautiful and comfortable landscape that inspires everybody who enters your property? You still need to transform your simple landscape into a nice and attractive setting that will help you lure and keep tenants. What should you do? Well, the answer is simple: call a landscape contractor to help you out. Here are reasons why you should hire a professional landscape contractor?

Saving Time

Hiring a landscaping contractor will help you save time. Take a gander at it this way. If you decide to do the landscaping yourself, you will be forced to spend several hours researching online and offline to find out what your landscape needs. You will also be forced to free up some hours in your tight schedule to buy equipment and whatever else you need. Besides, you will be required to spend hours landscaping to achieve the look you want. If you do the calculation, you will realize that the DIY option is expensive and a waste of time. You only need to hire a landscaping contractor to have it perfectly done.

Knowledge And Experience

What do you know about landscaping? Let’s face it; you have never done landscaping before, and this means that will likely not achieve the look you want. Even if you have read landscaping guides and tutorials, there is no assurance that you will meet the desired standards. Hire a landscape contractor who has the knowledge, skills, and the necessary equipment. By doing this, you will be sure that you will get better than average outcomes thanks to their comprehensive knowledge, experience, and technology.


Other than quality results, cost-effectiveness is the second important thing, right? DYI alternatives are costly. However, hiring landscape contractors is relatively inexpensive and likely to deliver the desired look. Services charges of most landscaping companies are reasonable, and considering the impact of their services, you are sure that you will get value for money.


Most landscaping contractors are certified and insured, which means that you don’t have to stress over them not taking responsibility for the injuries or damages they cause. It also means that you won’t be worried about coming up with a storage space to keep landscaping equipment, fertilizers, and other supplies. Besides, you won’t have to waste time worrying about how to use and dispose of landscaping chemicals.

In today’s increasingly developing and competitive real estate world, you want to ensure your property attracts and keeps tenants. Hiring a landscaping professional to take care of your landscape is one way of ensuring that your property will always catch a tenant’s eye.


5 Key Questions to Ask Your Moving Company Before You Hire Them

When the time comes to move I have to actively remind myself not to stress out. Between the packing, cleaning, and getting everything from point A to point B, it’s a process that can seem overwhelming. All that changed when I had an incredibly smooth experience with the right moving company. I knew choosing that moving company was the reason my transition felt so effortless. I’ve made a promise to myself and my family, that in the event of another move, we were to choose the moving company just as wisely as we did the last. I want to share 5 Key Questions to Ask Your Moving Company Before You Hire Them so you will have the tools to make your moving experience a positive one.

Do You Use Subcontractors?

It’s important to know exactly who you are hiring in order to research their dependability, this includes any transfers. Often times, large moving subcontract to smaller moving companies who may even subcontract to another. Gather as much of the information you can until you can narrow it down the exact people and trucks that will be showing up to your house on moving day.

May I Have Your USDOT Number?

Every legit moving company will be glad to provide you this number for added security and peace of mind. These numbers will confirm the legality and history of the company, the trucks used, and the drivers.Use the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides a concise electronic record of a company’s identification, size, commodity information, and safety record, including the safety rating (if any), a roadside out-of-service inspection summary, and crash information. The Company Snapshot is available via an ad-hoc query (one carrier at a time) free of charge.

Tell Me About Your Insurance Policy.

Notice I didn’t say “do you have insurance?” because yes they most likely will. However, it’s best to leave this question open-ended (not inquiring just a yes or no response) so you have a detailed list of things covered or not, and to what dollar amount. Here are a few terms you may come across: Full Value Protection: “your mover is liable for the replacement value of lost or damaged goods in your entire shipment…This is the more comprehensive plan available for the protection of your belongings.” The cost of Full Value Protection varies by the mover. Released Value Protection: “The most economical protection available is Released Value since it is offered at no additional charge. However, the protection is minimal. Under this option, the mover assumes liability for no more than 60 cents per pound per article.”

I’d Like a List of All Itemized Fees

While you want your belongings to be transported safely and securely, you don’t want to be nsurprised by your bill. One of the more reassuring experiences I have with a moving company was a direct result of their openness, including fees. Ditch the fine print and have them lay it all out for you. For extra cautionary terms confirm a final number (often referred to as a binding quote), before signing at the dotted line. If the moving company has aced the previous questions, being transparent with pricing should be a breeze.

Do You Have References?

Just like hiring an employee, check the references of your potential moving company. Even though bad news travels fast, I couldn’t wait to tell people about my recent positive moving experience. So do your full research before you decide! Using these 5 Key Questions to Ask Your Moving Company Before You Hire Them and have the moving experience you deserve.

The 5 Most Profitable Plants for Your Nursery Business

A lot goes into starting and growing a nursery business. You need to find the space, budget, and then the plants that will sell well. If you have the first two, you’re well on your way. Now, all you need is to invest in these five plants, which are most likely to be profitable for your business.

#1: Herbs

Herbs are used almost daily by some people, and in abundance. This means that people will want large quantities of it. Since they don’t grow very fast, they will need to have many pots of them and keep adding them if they can’t keep up with their demands.

Another use that sparks demand for them is in natural remedies. People want to use herbs as much as possible in their foods for medicinal purposes. Most consumers are looking for established herb plants, so they can start using them right away.

The most popular healthy herbs right now are:

  • Basil
  • Chives
  • Cilantro
  • Oregano
  • Lavender

Start with these popular plants, and then as they sell, you can start to either add more of the same or new ones. It’s always good to check in with your consumers to see what they would like you to add to your stock. This way you can show your consumers that you care about their needs and want to satisfy them as much as possible. Of course, do not buy a lot of new herb when you first introduce it, so you don’t lose too much money if they don’t garner the attention you anticipated.

#2: Ground Cover

Ground cover is an easy and beautiful way to improve landscapes. Other benefits include not needing a lot of water, sunlight, or care. The only maintenance it may need is cutting it back as it creeps up on walkways.

When you start looking for ground cover, you’ll notice there are many different kids. Look at the appearance of each and choose ones that look as different as possible. Variety is what you’re after because people will make their decision based on what they like best. Also, get ones that grow different sizes – horizontally and vertically. Some people want ground cover that just skims the ground, while others want it to come up off the ground. Some ground cover will continuously grow, while others will stop at a certain width. Keep these differences in mind, and get a little bit of everything.

#3: Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms are delicate, so people who want to fit small spaces need to get them from a local seller. Having these mushrooms in stock helps you meet the demands of people who are looking for these magical looking mushrooms for their gardens.

The fall is the best time to cultivate mushrooms, except the morel mushroom, which grows in the spring. Most mushroom growers want them all year, so be sure to have a few different ones.

While mushrooms are profitable, they aren’t as popular as some of the others mentioned here. It’s good to highlight your stock as much as possible because people will become intrigued and be more likely to try them. Mushrooms aren’t just beautiful in a garden, but they are delicious in salads, cooked, or in recipes.

#4: Trees and Shrubs

If you have new construction happening in your area, you should invest in trees and shrubs. Landscapes almost always have them, and new homes will need a lot of them.

Even if you don’t have new neighborhood sprouting around your area, they can still be a good investment. Many more people are looking for trees to not only beautify their yards, but also to help the environment. Shrubs are almost always needed as ways to increase privacy in a yard along with improving its appearance.

#5: Flowers

Flowers for inside and outside sell well. The spring is the most popular season for flowers, but you’ll want to have a stock of seasonal flowers all year long. People will soon turn to you for flowers for their yard, inside their home, and to give as gifts.

The most popular flowers people buy are roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, lilies, poinsettias, and narcissus. For the yard, you may want to offer petunias, zinnias, globe amaranths, hydrangeas, and marigolds.

It’s best to have a wide variety of flowers to choose from. Customers like assortments because they want to be able to set up their gardens in specific colors. Some customers prefer annuals, while others prefer perennials, so be sure to have a good number of both on hand.

Get Started on Growing Your Nursery Business

Now, you know which plants are the most profitable. Start adding stock to your nursery business with these, and then add more as you see it is needed. Outside of your actual plant stock, add other revenue models like renting wheelbarrows to customers who don’t need to purchase one for year round use. Before you know it, you’ll have a successful business that you can be proud of for many years.



Important Features of Professional Floor Cleaning Service

Whether your floor is a petrol station forecourt or a sprung dance floor, maintaining the floor in a proper condition is important. At the same time, with huge money and time invested, cutting corners on the floor is a big no. So, hiring a professional floor cleaning service Houston to do this job has an advantage on the DIY approach. It is because, the professionals don’t only know how to clean a floor professionally, but they can also offer expert advice on maintaining different types of floors for a long with the right solutions and applications. Besides, the professional approach to floor cleaning is not just about aesthetics, but it is also about health and safety and maintaining a safe system of work.


Here are some of the important features of the professional floor cleaning Houston:


  1. Cleaning process, which lasts for a long time: The professional floor cleaners are well aware of dealing with different types of floors. For instance, a hardwood floor needs a special type of care while tiles and other types of flooring need some rigorous cleaning products and techniques. So, it is all about selecting the right floor cleaning method to make sure that the result lasts throughout the time.
  2. The professionals offer a meticulous cleaning process: The professional floor cleaner are known for offering an overall cleaning service where dirt is extracted completely from every cranny, crack or nook. Therefore, the proper floor cleaning service helps to improve the air quality of homes. And it is beyond imagination how everything changes while the unseen dirt is removed from the environment.
  3. Deep cleaning of the floors: While it comes to cleaning floors, not just the best products are required, but also the most professional quality products are needed like wet-dry vacuums, floor scrubbers, high-speed rotary brushes for additional shine and more. As a whole, the techniques used by the professional floor cleaners help to trap the dirt first and then squeeze that out and clean the floor. With this type of rigorous cleaning method, even the hard-to-reach areas of the floors are also cleaned. As a result, the floors look as if these are brand new. Apart from that, the professional floor cleaners help to restore the pH level of the floors naturally. This is really important for the hardwood floors as these floors lose shine in case these floors are treated with any wrong chemical.


Tips for Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

The design and layout play a crucial role in proper functioning of a kitchen. You wouldn’t want to work in a kitchen where you can’t find anything that’s why organizing a kitchen is very important, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Cabinets hold everything, from pots and utensils to spices and appliances. Fitting all these things in a small space requires careful planning. You need to consider all the factors such as size of the appliances, the number of utensils, etc., in order to get the most out of your kitchen space. Following are some tips for organizing kitchen cabinets that you should take into account.

Plates Rack and Shelving

You need a separate space for organizing plates and dishes of delicate ceramics since they are prone to breakage easily. Almost all kitchens have plates rack near the sink but you can also add these racks inside cabinets in order to store the plates. Moreover, you can also install special shelving in the kitchen wall to keep plates and tea sets. You should handle the ceramic items with care and additional platter racks provide this convenience.

Spice Jar Racks

You can cook more easily when the spices are readily available within your reach. Placing the spice and food jars near the stove area can make your cooking more efficient and rapid. There are special racks present in the market solely for storing spice jars. These racks have trendy designs and increase the productivity of your kitchen; you can buy any one of them. You can also customize food racks especially for your needs.

Kitchen Carcasses

Sometimes, a lot of free space can be wasted if you do not plan the layout of the kitchen properly. But you can still make use of this free space by installing kitchen unit carcasses. These carcasses are basically cabinets which you can install in the free space. In this way you can create more storage space for pots and cutlery. Also, kitchen carcasses are available in different sizes which make them a good option for storing electronic appliance like juicer blenders and food processors.

Beech Insert

Storing the utensils and cutlery is probably the hardest part of organizing a kitchen. But you can easily pull it off by installing beech inserts in your cabinets. Beech inserts are especially made to store utensils like forks, spoons and knives. You can customize beech inserts so that they properly fit in your cabinets and store the entire cutlery inside the different sections. In this way, you can easily reach cutlery instead of fumbling for the appropriate knife.

Pull Out Baskets

In order to make the most of your cabinet space, pull out baskets are a must in any kitchen. The main function of pull out baskets is to provide convenience and ease when storing pots. You can smoothly pull out these baskets from the cabinets and store pots and dishes. They are similar to plate racks but they can accommodate bigger pots to increase the efficiency of your kitchen.

How to Make Your UPVC Windows and Doors White Again

Just Clean Property Care is a service that helps the people of Warrington get their homes looking their very best through services such as UPVC cleaning Warrington and several other cleaning services.


UPVC windows and doors are fast becoming the go to option for home owners and property developers due to their low cost, low maintenance and durability in the fickle British climate.


Although these types of window and door frames are low maintenance, if they are not shown attention at regular intervals you will find the crisp white plastic may begin to dullen and lose its original appeal.


Your UPVC windows might already be badly stained, at this point UPVC cleaning Warrington is an absolute must before they become further damaged.


Read this blog to find out how you can restore your UPVC windows and doors to their former glory.


Regular UPVC Cleaning Warrington


Cleaning your UPVC doors and frames at regular intervals is an absolute must if you want them to remain looking great. This may be as simple as running a cloth or wipe down the side of your UPVC Windows and Doors each day, whatever your cleaning habits may be, it is important that you make them regular.


We suggest making yourself a schedule in order to make sure your UPVC windows and doors are receiving regular attention and you are up keeping your UPVC Cleaning Warrington.


Make Sure You Are Using The Right Tools For The Job


As UPVC doors and Windows need to be white, it important that you use the correct tools and products to restore them. Using abrasive cleaners can actually stain and damage your UPVC doors and windows.


Make sure that before you begin cleaning your UPVC doors and Windows, you have appropriate solutions and treatments that will not damage their condition.


If you are not sure on what type of cleaner to use, you may be better leaving the UPVC cleaning the hands of the professionals such as Just Clean Property Care.


Hire a Professional UPVC Cleaning Company


When it comes to cleaning UPVC windows and doors, you really do need to know what you are doing in order to protect your windows and doors from damage. This is why we recommend enlisting the help of a professional UPVC cleaning Warrington company, this way you can make sure that the cleaning is carried out to the highest standard and mitigate any potential damage.


Not everyone has the time to regularly upkeep their UPVC doors and windows, hiring a professional service can take the pressure off you. If you contact Just Clean Property Care to carry out the work, we can come at a time that suits you.


Contact Your Local UPVC Cleaning Experts


Get in touch with your local UPVC cleaning experts today, Just Clean Property Care can help you restore your UPVC Windows and Doors to their former glory.


We offer affordable rates with friendly service to all of Warrington, contact us today for a free quote.


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Make Windows the Focal Point of Any Room

When renovating a space, it’s easy to assume that the focal point of any room should be a show-stopping piece of furniture or a prized piece of art. But what if the main event in a room was the view it offered to the outside? Even for rooms that don’t offer a great view, buying windows that can stand alone as the centerpiece of a space is a great, timeless investment. Whether you’re thinking about installing a beautiful bay window to draw the eye inward, or installing a set of French door windows from the best door replacement charlotte service, choosing a stunning window display can give you an easy way to turn the focus outward. It can also end up saving you a ton of money on decorations and framing. If you want to dress up your home differently, here are a few ways to use windows as art in any room.

Choose the Right Window Style

You can make any window the centerpiece of a room, no matter how small or oddly shaped it might be. That said, certain window types lend themselves to the kind of dramatic flourish you’re looking for when designing a room around a window. For instance, both bay and bow style windows are large, fixed types of sectional picture windows that open up to a beautiful view. These windows automatically draw the eye without any kind of extra decoration or dressing. They’re also, however, quite expensive to install, as is a regular picture window or any other fixed window type. If you’re going for something a bit less costly, consider installing a French casement window, which will give you the same beautiful view as a fixed window with the mobility of a more traditional style. If you can spring for a large, showy window, by all means, choose a picture window or even a Victorian-style window for your centerpiece. If you’re going to treat your window like a piece of art, you should choose a window style that already looks artistic, larger-than-life, and timeless.

Think Out of the Box

Imagine you were designing a room around a piece of art. No matter how large and imposing or small and subtle that artwork was, you wouldn’t want it to just hang there flatly without any kind of dressing or frame. The same principle applies to your window. You want to frame it in a way that accentuates its unique elements, such as a non-conventional shape or vintage style, without taking attention away from the main event. You can also get creative when accessorizing your window. Don’t settle for a boring old frame or some dusty drapes: Think about adding different points of texture to really make your window stand out. Decorate it with some hanging pieces or wall sculptures. Add as much dimension as you can without going crazy. You can even experiment with different overlapping drapes and curtains for a lush, theatrical effect.

Choose Function and Style

Who says you can’t have it both ways? If you want your window to be the focal point of the room and also set the tone of the room itself, choose something that’s going to inspire a certain feeling. For instance, a bay or bow window is a perfect centerpiece-style focal point that also creates a cozy feeling for private reading, studying or family gatherings. A picture window can be the perfect way to create an entertaining space for large get-togethers and more formal occasions. A smaller, more modest window can be the perfect centerpiece for a home office or small bedroom. Whether you prefer thinking about a room’s function first or it’s decoration before anything else, there are plenty of ways to use your choice of a show-stopping window to inform the use of your space.

Dress Up the View

When it comes to what your window is actually looking out on, exercise as much control as you can. If you don’t feel you’re getting enough light, find thin, light-colored curtains to draw in the sunlight and give the room a lighter, breezier feeling. If your window looks out over a garden view, choose wallpaper and drapes that emphasize and accent the colors found in your garden, don’t make anything too monotone: You want your window to perfectly frame and present the view rather than overpowering it or blending right in. When you’re using your window as the center of a room, you have a chance to truly create a lasting, artistic impression of the outside world, all from inside the comfort of your own home.