What are the richest wine estates in Italy?

Many international companies took a huge hit during the economic crisis. Some of them have gone bankrupt, others had to lay off many people because of globalisation. The same scenario arose in Italy where many entrepreneurs were getting killed on the high taxes without receiving State benefits. Unfortunately most of politicians tend to look out for themselves here and so they do not carry out those reforms which are truly necessary and with which we are all familiar.

However there are certain businesses of italian economy have not been affected by this general industrial and social decline. For example the fashion industry has a great turnover because it exports its amazing product around the world. We know that many international singers, actors and businessmen buy clothes, jewels, shoes produced by famous italian brands. Then to produce a wine of high quality in Italy is a solid deal. Many foreign investors bought important wine estates in the last 5 years especially in nothern and central Italy. But also italian companies spent a lot of money by creating big cellars to produce a very good wine and their choice led them to success.

Who ears more in this sector in Italy? Incisa della Rocchetta, Frescobaldi and Antinori, three noble tuscan houses produce Sassicaia, Masseto and Tignanello wines exported around the world. To expand their business they bought vineyards for sale in Italy and also in other parts of world. Their turnover is great and there is an amazing increase every year. Sassicaia cellar turns an incredible profit. Infact Marquis Incisa della Rocchetta’s yearly profit is at least € 15.000.000.

Piero Antinori’s profit is € 81.000.000 and Frescobaldi’s annual profit is close to € 30 million euros. Real estate agencies are so happy about this situation because they can sell wine estates not only to foreign people but also to italian companies.

The economic crisis has affected especially the real estate market but the agencies could survive thanks to this interest in buying vineyards and in general luxury properties. Who works with rich people had not problems to do business. Luxury apartments and villas, hotels, castles, villages and vineyards are ” caught ” between their desires and ambitions. They like Italy too much and it’s a pleasure for them to make deals or buy a property here. Italy is a dream to them. Americans, Russian and Chinese people constantly are looking for making investments in this beautiful country.

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