5 Things You Need to Have as a New College Student

College is both an exciting and challenging time. You might be leaving home for the first time. Or, you may be an older student, going to school in the evenings to better provide for your family in the future. Whatever your student status may be, there are a few things you need to have before beginning your college career.

Knowledge of Your Campus Before Classes Begin

Good college students are studious and attentive to all that goes on around them. This include memorizing your schedule ahead of time. You need knowledge of your campus to better navigate to your classes, as well as the times and locations of the classes themselves. Study your map and schedule in tandem to prepare yourself for your first day.

Research Resources and Note-Taking Materials

Off of the top of your head, what would you say is a must-have for studying your class contents? Resources, like textbooks, and note-taking materials, like pencils, paper, and a laptop, are all things you will totally need for your first day of college and beyond. Do your research. Ask around to see what materials, precisely, are expected in each of your classes.

Confidence, Discipline, & Respect

You are in college. Sure, the movies show nothing but keggers and frat parties. But real life is a bit different, especially if you are a dedicated college student with a degree deadline. You have already proven your confidence by simply enrolling and pursuing your dreams. Now, with respect to your fellow students and professors, you should exercise discipline and attentiveness. Take your classes seriously because these are often make-or-break towards a defining college degree.

A Stash of Cash for Emergencies

If you live on campus, you will definitely need a small cash hide-away for unexpected stuff, like last-minute textbooks or research materials. You should also stockpile for food since college students are notorious for surviving on ramen noodles and super-cheap take-out pizza.

A Firm Grasp on Taking Care of Yourself

For those moving onto campus and away from home for the first time, you should definitely have a firm grasp on how to take care of yourself. Hygiene, like showers and brushing your teeth, are absolutes, but you also have to get yourself out of bed at a decent time. You should be able to hold yourself accountable and be reliable when it comes to making it to your classes.

College is a big deal, particularly if this is your opportunity to get out of your childhood home and meet new people while pursuing your career dreams. Take the aforementioned must-haves into account when pondering your first day at a brand-new school. And remember, for your dorm bedroom, you could always get used office furniture to make a cozy study space.

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