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Spokane Furnace Service

For the last couple of years Washington has set record temperatures for some of the coldest days! That’s why it is so important to make sure that your furnace is working properly and efficiently. A furnace that works the way it is supposed to not only keeps you and your family nice and toasty during those cold days, but it can also save you money on your utility bills. Find out why Air Design Spokane has been able to offer the best Spokane furnace service in Washington since 1979.

Furnace Service Experts

Over the years, Air Design Spokane has seen it all when it comes to furnace service, repair, installation and troubleshooting. In Spokane, the furnace is one of the most important things in your home to ensure you and your family stay warm during the winter months. Don’t make the mistake of calling someone that doesn’t know what they are doing. Chances are, we’ve had to fix their mistakes in the past. If you have any questions about the furnace services we provide, contact the “expert Experts” so we get started solving your current furnace problem or we can install a better unit for you before the cold months settle in.

Need a New Furnace?

Does your furnace seem to be running all the time, but just isn’t making any headway in the “warming” department? It could be because you need to upgrade to a larger furnace or HVAC unit for the space you live or work in. As one of the many Spokane furnace services we offer in Spokane, we are happy to correctly install a new unit for you-from any of your favorite brands. Not only will this keep your family nice and cozy during the bitter cold days, but having an updated unit is better for the environment and your wallet!  

Furnace Troubleshooting and Repair

Keeping your current furnace working at maximum capacity is always our first order of business. Furnace repair is one of the most common calls that receive on a daily basis, so you know we can handle anything that gets thrown our way. The following list shows just some of the repairs we are more than capable of handling:  

  • Air filter replacement
  • Fan replacement and lubrication
  • Heating coils and vent ductwork cleaning
  • Pilot or ignition control switches
  • Forced air handling unit (indoor fan)
  • Drainage system and pan
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Intermittent pilot light or clogged lines
  • Heat sensor and fuse replacement
  • Gas pipe fitting leaks
  • Fresh air and exhaust pipes


Spokane Furnace Service You Can Trust

From electrical heat to gas forced air and everything in between, we are the good guys, you can trust. At Air Design Spokane we want to make sure that you stay warm when you need to and are able to cool off when you want. We make sure to always help solve your problem and promise to never sell you anything you don’t need. Contact us today to make the right choice the first time for all your Spokane furnace service needs.  

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