Signs Your Timber Building Needs Refurbishment

Probably all of us have a timber shed in our garden which was once functional and classic but now the wood structure is rotting and all we can think about is demolishing the building. We could have prevented this from happening if we knew the initial signs of rot. But most people do not have the necessary knowledge about timber and wood buildings to accomplish this. That’s why it is a good idea to let the timber building manufacturers inspect the state of your building every once in a while. The companies who manufacture timber buildings also provide refurbishment services.  After their inspection, if they think that your building needs refurbishment then you should employ their services. However, you can so this yourself as well. Following are some things you should look for while making your inspection.



Localized Damage

If you spot damage at a specific part of your timber building, it means that your timber building is rotting. You can do this by simple visual inspection but if the damages are not clearly visible from naked eyes, then check for wood wrapping and cracking. Initial timber damage is easy to spot as it is usually due to weather conditions. Damp weather and moisture are the biggest factor that plays in the rotting of timber. Localized wood damage is easy to repair. You can simply replace the damaged part with new and fresh timber.

Internal Damage

If you don’t see any localized damage to a specific part but still thinks that your building shows signs of wear and tear, it means that your timber building is suffering from internal damage. Internal damage is hard to spot because by the time the building shows outward and visible signs of rotting, the damage has already widespread to the internal structure. Termite infestation and rotting are the most common causes of internal damage. In these cases, you only have the option of refurbishing the entire timber building.

On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to catch termite infestation at an early stage, you can restore the building by replacing the infested part only.

Loose Structures and Fasteners

Give the base pillars or railings around your timber building a good shake. If they are loose then it is a definite sign of wood damage. The base pillars and railings should be tight and fit perfectly into the ground with no room for wiggle. Similarly, check your doors and windows as well. The wood damage is usually easy to spot from windows and doors. If you feel that they do not fit properly then you should contact a refurbishing company immediately.

You can check for damage in the similar way around other structures of the building as well. Wood damage is also visible from the condition of the roof. In most cases, roof is the place where the damage starts because it is vulnerable to weather conditions. Also, look for signs of damage around fasteners such as nails. If the nails are not in their original position it means that the wood is damaged.

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